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503 §8225. Air National Guard and Air National Guard of United States, exclusive of members on active duty The authorized strength of the Air National Guard and the Air National Guard of the United States, exclusive of members who are included in the strength of 502,000 authorized in section 8201(a) of this title for members of the Air Force on active duty, is 150,000. The strength authorized by this section shall be allocated among the States and Territories, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, and the District oi Columbia. CHAPTER 833.~ENLISTMENTS Sec. 8251. 8252. 8253. 8254. 8255. 8256. 8257. 8258. 8259. 8260.

Definition. Temporary enlistments. Air Force: persons not qualified. Air Force: during war or emergency. Regular Air Force: recruiting campaigns. Regular Air Force: qualifications, term, grade. Regular Air Force: aviation cadets; qualifications, grade, limitations. Regular Air Force: reenlistment after service as an oflBcer. Air Force Reserve: transfer from Air National Guard of United States. Air Force Reserve: transfer to upon vpithdravpal as member of Air National Guard. 8261. Air National Guard of United States. 8262. Extension cf enlistment for members needing medical care or hospitalization.

§8251. Definition In this chapter "enlistment" means original enlistment or reenlistment. §8252. Temporary enlistments Temporary enlistments may be made only in the Air Force without specification of component. § 8253. Air Force: persons not qualified (a) No person who is insane, intoxicated, or a deserter from an armed force, or who has been convicted of a felony, may be enlisted or mustered into the Air Force. However, the Secretary of the Air Force may authorize exceptions, in meritorious cases, for the enlistment or muster into the Air Force of deserters and persons convicted of felonies. (b) No person whose service during his last term of enlistment was not honest and faithful may be reenlisted in the Air Force. However, the Secretary may authorize the reenlistment or muster into the Air Force of such a person if his conduct after that service has been good. (c) In time of peace, no person may be accepted for oricrinal enlistment in the Air Force unless he is, or has made a legal declaration of intention to become, a citizen of the United States. § 8254. Air Force: during war or emergency Except as provided in section 8256 of this title and except for enlistments as Reserves of the Air Force— 81913 0 — 5 6