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[74 Stat. 74]
[74 Stat. 74]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Air Force, Department of the—Continued Page Claims— Admiralty, reporting requirements to Congress discontinued 246 Appropriation for payment 345 Little Rock, Ark., removal of limitation preventing settlement of claims arising out of crash at 147 Construction— Appropriation for 463 Authorization 176 Expedition, restriction on use of funds for 465 Contracts— Awarded, semiannual reports to Congress 184 Restriction 465 Experts or consultants, employment 349 Flight pay, restriction 355 General provisions, Appropriation Acts 349,465 Helium, transfer of funds for acquisition to Bureau of Mines 109 Housing. See separate title. Inter-American Cooperation, appropriation for 343 Legislative liaison activities, limitation on funds provided for 354 Medals— Awards to members, authorization. __ 320 Designation of certain decorations as "Air Force Cross", and "Airman's Medal" 331 Military Construction Act of 1960 166 Military Construction Appropriation Act, 1961 463 Military personnel, appropriation for. 43, 339 Motor vehicles, funds available 465 National Guard. See separate title. Officer promotion and separation provisions; involuntary retirement; continuation boards; revocation of election of annuity 391-396 Prisoners of war, funds available for maintenance, etc 350 Reports to Congress. See under Congress. Research, development, test, and evaluation, appropriation for 348 Reserve components— Appropriation for 339, 341, 464 Commissioned officers, promotion, retention, transfer, discharge, etc 264 Doctors, nurses, dentists, etc., service. 264 Facilities program— Appropriation for 464 Authorization 188 Ready and Retired Reserves, assignment 264

Air Force, Department of the—Continued Page Reserve components—Continued Reserve Forces Facilities Act of 1960188 Reserve Officers' Training Corps, loyalty oath requirement 353 Reserve Forces Facilities Act of 1960.. 188 Retired pay, appropriation for 340 Rifle matches, travel expenses for personnel attending 354 Vessels, transfer authorized 352 Air Force Academy: Appropriation for 343 Planning, design, etc., restriction on funds. 466 Air Force Reserve. See Reserve components under Air Force, Department of the. Air Museum, National, appropriation for. 117 Air National Guard. See under National Guard. Air Pollution, motor vehicle exhausts, study of the effect on human health. 162 Aircraft: Loan guarantees, Hawaii Omnibus Act. 421 Missiles and other procurement, appropriation for 346, 347 Airports: Air navigation facilities, funds for 428 Dulles International Airport— Appropriation for 429 Sewage facilities, construction authorized 210 Grants-in-aid, liquidation of obligations 428 Washington National Airport, appropriation for 429 Alabama, Tuskegee National Forest, establishment, proclamation c23 Alaska: Conservation reserve program, applicability as State 411 Davis-Bacon Act; statehood, technical amendment 418 District Court, jurisdiction, technical amendment respecting 417 Employment Service, statehood, technical amendment 417 Fair Labor Standards Act; statehood, technical amendments 417 Federal prisoners, appropriation for support of 563 Grandfather rights granted to certain water carriers, motor carriers, and freight forwarders engaged in interstate commerce 382-386 Highways, extension of Interstate System to 415 "Home ports"; statehood, technical amendment 421 Hospital and medical service facilities construction, allotment percentages 419,423