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[74 Stat. 85]
[74 Stat. 85]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

SUBJECT INDEX Commerce, Department of—Continued Page National Register of Revoked Motor Vehicle Operators' Licenses, establishment 526 Appropriation for 823 Norfolk, Va., Fleet Landing Site, transfer from Defense Department 94 P a t e n t OfRce, appropriation for 97 Public Roads, Bureau of. See separate title. Publicity or propaganda, restriction on use of funds for 103 R a m a Road, Nicaragua, transfer of funds from State Department authorized 560 Report to Congress, West Virginia Centennial Celebration, s t u d y 204 Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1961509 Vessels. See separate title. Weather Bureau— Appropriation for 99, 510 Meteorological facilities, appropriation for establishment 100 Meteorological investigations in the Arctic region, flexibility of functions; extra compensation 11 Transfer of funds from Navy Department 342 West Virginia Centennial Celebration; study 204 Appropriation for 822 Commercial Fisheries, Bureau of, appropriation for 48, 111, 829 Commission of Fine Arts. See Fine Arts, Commission of. Commissioners, United States, appropriation for fees 48, 567 Commodity Credit Corporation: Administrative expenses, limitation 243 Appropriation for 42, 242 Family housing a t military installations abroad, use of foreign currencies acquired by 186 F a m i n e relief to friendly peoples, appropriation for reimbursement 242 International W h e a t Agreement Act of 1949, appropriation for reimbursement of costs under 242 Restoration of capital impairment, appropriation for 42, 242 School milk program, funds authorized for reimbursement 85 Strategic and other materials transferred to supplemental stockpile, reimbursement 242 Surplus agricultural commodities— Home economics courses, use in 899 Reimbursement for sale of 242 Underdeveloped areas, use in 140


Commodity Credit Corporation—Con. Page Tobacco, price support obligation, reduction 6 Waterfowl depredation, prevention, reimbursement for grain m a d e available for 242 Commodity Exchange Act: Amendment, contract markets, notice of exclusion of persons violating, use of certified mail 200 Funds for effecting provisions 239 Commodity Exchange Authority, appropriation for 239 Commodity Stabilization Service, appropriation for 42, 239 Communicable Diseases, control activities, appropriation for 764 Communications Act Amendments, 1952, Amendment, certain reports to Congress discontinued 249 Communications Act Amendments, 1960-889 Communications Act of 1934: Amendments— Broadcast matter, requirement of certain announcements and disclosure of payments 895, Commissioners, terms of office, expiration Common carrier lines of communication derived from radio facilities, charges and services, regulation authority Deceptive contests, prohibited practices concerning Hawaii Omnibus Act Honorariums, permission to accept, repeal of provisions regarding-Licensees, forfeiture provisions Local notice and local hearings; p a y offs Pre-grant procedures Rebroadcasting activities, operator's license; construction permit Reports to Congress, discontinuance of certain Revocation and cease and desist orders Short-term grants Equal time requirement, temporary suspension Communications Commission, Federal. See Federal Communications Commission. Communism: Communist Chinese Government, congressional statement opposing United Nations membership 561,

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888 897 421 889 894 892 889 363 249 893 889 554