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[74 Stat. 95]
[74 Stat. 95]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Page District of Columbia—Continued Page District of Columbia—Continued Plaza of the Americas, designation 128 Motor Vehicle Parking Agency, apPolice. See Metropolitan Police and propriation for 24, 29 Park Police, this title. Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Potomac interceptor sewer line, approAct, amendments— priation for 511 Accident reports, filing date extended Practical Nurses' Licensing Act 802 in certain cases 862 President's Cup Regatta, appropriation Disposal of certain records authorized 862 for 25 Privately owned automobiles, allowance Duration of proof of responsibility 862 for official use 29 Notice of insurance expiration, elimiProfessional Engineers' Registration nation of requirement 862 Act, amendment, notice of hearings, Suspension of registration for noncompliance 862 use of certified mail 202 Public buildings construction, capital Motor vehicles— outlay, appropriation for 26, 824 Department of, appropriation for 24 Direction and control of vehicles Public Health, Department of— Appropriation for 21, 44 owned by D.C 30 Birth registrations, authorization for Finance charges, regulations 69 Director to accept certification of Identification tags, special fees 816 given name 221 Parking fund, sums payable from 17, 18, Public Library, appropriation for 19 20,29 Registration fees 817 Public space, authority to enter leases and issue revocable permits for use Narcotics Manufacturing Act of 1960, applicability 68 of 881 National Capital Parks, appropriation Public Utilities Commission— for 25 General counsel, appropriation for compensation 18 National Capital Planning Commission. See separate title. Regulations, etc., relating to taxiNational Capital Regional Planning cabs, restriction on use of funds. 30 Public Welfare, Department of, approCouncil. See separate title. priation for. 22, 510 National Capital Transportation Act of 1960 537 Real estate and business brokers' license, National Capital Transportation Agenhearings, use of certified mail 203 cy. See separate title. Real property tax sales, notice, use of National Conference of Commissioners certified mail 203 on Uniform State Laws, appropriRecreation Department, appropriation ation for support 17 for facilities 19 National Defense Education Act of Redevelopment Land Agency— 1958, funds for matching Federal Appropriation for members 17 grants under 19 Transfer of property, urban renewal National Guard, appropriation for 25 purposes 871 National Safety Council, Inc., approRegulatory agencies, appropriation for 18 priation for affiliation with 18 Rental of quarters, funds available for_ 30 Repairs and improvements, establishNational Society Daughters of the ment of working fund, etc 30 American Colonists, use of real property 554 Revenue Act of 1937, amendment 224 National Training School for Boys, apSafety Council, Inc., National, appropropriation for care of boys compriation for 18 mitted by District of Columbia Sanitary Engineering, Department of— courts 22 Appropriation for 24, 28, 824 National Woman's Party, Inc., tax exConstruction of sanitary and comemption 791 bined sewer systems, increase in Nonresident Tuition Act 853 loans authorized for 811 Occupations and Professions, DepartSanitary sewage works fund— ment of, appropriation for 18, 823 Advances to 17 Park Police— Sums payable from 17, 18, 24, 28 Appropriation for 25 Schools and colleges— Salary increase for officers and memNational Defense Education Act of bers _ 868 1958. See separate title.