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[74 Stat. 96]
[74 Stat. 96]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



District of Columbia—Continued Page District of Columbia—Continued Page Schools and colleges—Continued Unemployment compensation—Con. National Training School for Boys, Special Administration Fund, estabappropriation for care of boys lishment 877 committed by District of ColumUnemployment Trust Fund, transfer bia courts 22 of District moneys to United Public schools— States Treasury 876 Appropriation for 19 Uniform Act for Simplification of FiduTuition requirement for nonresiciary Security Transfers 322 dents 853 Uniform Narcotic Drug Act, amendVocational education, appropriament, restriction on sale of drugs tion for development 19 containing dihydrocodeinone 536 Teachers— Uniforms, funds available for 30 Retirement, crediting of certain auUtility services, appropriation for 44 thorized leave for 222 Veterans Affairs, Department of, appropriation for 20 Salary increase 913 Veterans of Foreign Wars, tax exempTeachers College, foreign students, tion of certain property 68 tuition fees, exemption 854 Vocational Rehabilitation, Department Small business investment companies, of, appropriation for 21 exemption from small loan law 196 Wage-scale employees, personal services, Small Claims and Conciliation Branch of Municipal Court, notices, use of appropriation for 44, 510 Washington Aqueduct, appropriation certified mail 203 for 24,29 Snow and ice removal, funds for 24, 30 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Street lighting rates 30 Regulation Compact 1031 Surplus commodities and relief milk, Washington Metropolitan Problems, distribution 19 Joint Committee on, continuation; Surveyor, Office of, appropriation for. 23 transportation system, hearings B4 Taras Shevchenko statue, authority to Washington Metropolitan Regional erect 884 Conference, appropriation for exTaxes— penses 17 American Association of University Water fund, sums payable from 17, Women, Educational Founda18, 24, 26, 29 tion, Inc., D.C., property tax Willsexemption. 807 Caveats, time for filing in probation Compensation of aliens received from of 553 international organizations, exemption 219 Office of Register of, funds available Inheritance and estate taxes, extenfor contract statistical services _. 567 sion of period for refund 224 Witness fees, appropriation for 18 National Capital Transportation Youth Council, appropriation for exAgency, exemption from proppenses 17 erty and income taxes 543 Zoological Park, National, appropriaNational Guard Association of the tion for 25, 26 United States, exemption of District of Columbia Alley Dwelling Act, certain property 856 facilitation of acquisition of real propNational Woman's Party, Inc., exerty under 12 emption of certain property 791 District of Columbia Employee NonOverpayments, notice of disallowLiability Act-519 ance, use of certified mail 204 District of Columbia Income and Franchise Veterans of Foreign Wars, tax exTax Act of 1947, Amendments 203, 219 emption of certain property 68 District of Columbia Legal Aid Act 229 Teachers. See under Schools and colAppropriation for carrying out provileges, this title. sions of 823 Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, authorization for erection 904 District of Columbia Life Insurance Act, Amendments 218, 227, 315 Travel expenses, funds available 29 District of Columbia Motor Vehicle Safety Unemployment compensation— Responsibility Act, Amendments 862 Appropriation for 18