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[74 Stat. 110]
[74 Stat. 110]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



House of Representatives—Continued Page Housing—Continued Page Sergeant at Arms, appropriation for— Federal National Mortgage AssociaAutomobile 451 tion— Office of 450 Appropriation for 46, 443 Simpson, Richard M., payment to Income tax deductions of capital widow of 50 contributions to 1003 Speaker— Federal Savings and Loan Advisory Appointments by— Council, funds available for exInauguration of President-elect and penses; limitation 441 Vice President-elect, joint comFederal savings and loan associations, mittee on arrangements B5 enforcement of regulations, use of James Madison Memorial Comcertified mail 200 mission, members 37 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Mexico-United States InterparliaCorporation— mentary Group, members 40 Administrative expenses, funds available for; limitation 442 New Jersey Tercentenary Celebration Commission, members 731 Serving of process, use of certified United States Citizens Commismail 200 sion on NATO 818 Home Owners' Loan Act of 1933, United States Constitution One amendments— Hundred and Seventy-fifth AnFederal savings and loan associations, niversary Commission, three enforcement of regulations, use members 508 of certified mail 200 Office of, appropriation for 450 Hawaii Omnibus Act 411 Reports to, military departments, Housing Act of 1949, funds for effecting contracts awarded 184 provisions 240, 434, 435 Signing of enrolled bills after adjournHousing Act of 1950, amendment 1028 ment BIO, B12 Funds for effecting provisions 434, 443 United States Constitution One HunHousing Act of 1954, amendments 200 dred and Seventy-fifth AnniverFunds for effecting provisions 435 sary Commission, membership. _ 508 Housing Act of 1959, amendments 1028 Special and minority employees, approFunds for effecting provisions 435 priation for 450 Housing Amendments of 1955, amendment 1028 Special and select committees, appropriation for 452, 513 Funds for effecting provisions 434 Travel or subsistence funds, restriction Housing and Home Finance Agency— on use 461 Administrator, Office of the, appropriation for 443 United States Constitution One Hundred and Seventy-fifth AnniverAppropriation for 46, 434, 443, 512 sary Commission, three members. _ 508 College housing loans— Housing: Administrative expenses, limitation 443 College Housing Amendments of 1955— Administrative expenses, appropriaIncrease 1028 tion for 443 Public Housing Administration, appropriation for 512 Amendment, loan increase 1028 Elderly persons, appropriation for loan Public works or facilities, increase in revolving fund for 1028 program for 435 Revolving funds, payments to; limiFamily housing at military installations. 168, tation 435, 443 169, 173, 174, 180-182, 184, 186, 465 Mortgage insurance— Farm housing, financial assistance 240 Atomic Energy Commission, Los AlFederal Home Loan Bank Act, amendamos County, N. Mex., eligibility ment, Hawaii Omnibus Act 411 of employees 915 Federal Home Loan Bank Board, funds National Aeronautics and Space available for expenses 441 Agency employees, eligibility 314 Federal Housing Administration— National Capital Housing Authority— Funds available for expenses; limitacquisition of real property under tion 444 District of Columbia Alley DwellProperty improvement loans by finaning Act, facilitation; report to cial institutions, extension of inCongress 12 surance guarantee 1028