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[74 Stat. 116]
[74 Stat. 116]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



International Organizations—Continued Page United States Citizens Commission on NATOAppropriation for _ 830 Participation authorized 818 World Health Organization, consideration by Treasury Department of modification of list of basic narcotic drugs 61 International Technical Conference on Lighthouses and Other Aids to Navigation, meeting, appropriation for expenses of Coast Guard 285 International Wheat Agreement Act of 1949, appropriation for reimbursement of Commodity Credit Corporation for costs under 242 Interstate Commerce Act, Amendments: Alaska, grandfather rights granted to certain water carriers, motor carriers, and freight forwarders operating in _ 382-386 Hawaii, grandfather rights granted to certain freight forwarders operating in _ _ 385 Interstate Commerce Commission: Appropriation for__ 435 Explosives and other dangerous articles, revision of provisions regarding transportation, etc 808 Grades GS-16, 17, and 18, additional positions authorized 305 Railroad common carriers, revision of accident reporting requirements 903 Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, appropriation for contribution _._ _ - . 24, 775 Interstate Compacts, Consent of Congress Granted to: Kansas-Nebraska, apportionment of waters of the Big Blue River 160 Maryland-Virginia-District of Columbia, National Capital transportation problems 544 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact 1031 Interstate or Foreign Commerce, flight to avoid prosecution for damaging or destroying any building or personal property 86 Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Amendments: Hawaii Omnibus Act 412 Notice of hearings, use of certified mail, 201 Registration, disqualification, etc.; inspection of records; rule-making power; penalty provisions 885 Investment Companies, documentary stamp rate on issuance of shares or stock certificates 36

Investment Company Act of 1940, Amendments: Hawaii Omnibus Act Registration of investment companies, use of certified mail Iowa, Keosauqua, land conveyance to city, deferred payment basis Iran, trade agreement proclamation with United States, termination Israel, Government of, settlement of claims against United States Italian Centennial Celebration, United States participation

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J James Madison Memorial Commission: Appropriation for 826 Establishment; reports 37 Jane Addams Centennial, proclamation authorized 742 Japan: Claims of nationals formerly residents in the Bonin Islands, settlement— Appropriation for _ 561 Authorization 155 World War II internment for certain Federal employees with Japanese ancestry, service credit for periods. 1021 John H. Kerr Reservoir, Va.—N.C., adjustment of rentals under leases providing for commercial recreational facilities 818 John J. Pershing, General of the Armies, centennial, proclamation c67 Authorization 153 Joint Committees, Congressional: Atomic Energy— Appropriation for 53, 448 Design and engineering studies, report 123 Economic, appropriation for 448 Immigration and Nationality Policy, appropriation for 452 Inaugural Ceremonies of 1961— Appointment of joint committee on arrangements B5 Appropriation for 613 Internal Revenue Taxation— Appropriation for 452 Investigation of certain tax deductions considered as business expenses authorized, report and recommendations to Congress 291 Library, study authorized for additional building 132 Printing— Appropriation for 448 Preparation and distribution of musical arrangements of "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" 884