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[74 Stat. 130]
[74 Stat. 130]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

D130 Post


Office Department and Postal Service— Continued Codification, revision, and e n a c t m e n t into law of Title 39, " The Postal Service"—Continued Eflfective date Fiscal administration General provisions Mail m a t t e r Personnel Repeals Special mail and banking service Cooperative agricultural extension work, transfer of certain property to State or county agencies engaged i n.. __ Dead letter office, opening of letters, repeal of certain provisions Editorials, marking as advertisements, penal provisions Educational, cultural, and library m a t e rials, special postage rates for Franking privilege, Census Bureau, repeal of certain provisions regarding. General provisions, Appropriation Act.. Judicial officer, creation for quasijudicial duties Military mail, commercial air transportation, reimbursement for Newspapers, etc., denial of mailing privileges, use of certified mail Obscene mail, etc., temporary detention Penalty mail, reporting requirements to Congress discontinued Postal Employees Salary Increase Act of 1960 Postal Field Service Compensation Act of 1955, amendment, salary increase Postal modernization, appropriation for. Postal suits, a t t a c h m e n t in, legal provisions Property repairs, improvement, etc., funds available Public services, payment for Publicity or propaganda, restriction on use of funds for Reports to Congress, penalty mail reports discontinued Rewards for information and services concerning violations of postal laws. Second class mail— Affidavits relating to, penal provisions Postal requirements Transfer of funds, authorization Transportation, appropriation for United States Code, revision and enactment into law of Title 39, " The Postal Service" _

Page Postal Employees Salary Increase Act of Page 1960 296 Postal Field Service Compensation Act of 1955, Amendment, salary increase 296 Postal Rate Revision and Federal Em708 ployees Salary Act of 1948, Amend587 ment, special postage rates for educational, cultural, and library materials _ 479 578 653 Potawatomi Indians of Oklahoma, Citizen 607 Band, land conveyance 903 708 Potomac River Basin, Interstate Com678 mission on the, appropriation for contribution 24, 775 Poultry and Meat Products, effect of the 307 Color Additive Amendments of 1960 on the Meat Inspection Act and the 708 Poultry Products Inspection Act 407 Poultry Diseases, appropriation for eradication 233 706 Power Commission, Federal. See Federal 479 Power Commission. Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 1960, proclamation c61 708 289 President of the United States: Airborne alert, determination of necessity, authority 351 554 Appointments by— 354 James Madison Memorial Commission, members 37 Kansas-Nebraska I n t e r s t a t e Com202 pact, chairman 160 553 Maryland-Virginia-District of Columbia I n t e r s t a t e Compact, Federal representative 544 248 New Jersey Tercentenary Celebration Commission, members 731 296 Palmyra, Midway, and Wake Islands, administration of civil affairs 424 United States Constitution One 296 H u n d r e d and Seventy-fifth An288 niversary Commission, three members 508 706 Appointments by, with advice and consent of the Senate, National Capi288 tal Transportation Agency, Ad287 ministrator and other officers 538 Budget, Bureau of the. See separate 289 title. Chile, appropriation authorized for re248 construction and rehabilitation of.. 870 Civil and Defense Mobilization, Office 287 of. See separate title. Compensation, appropriation for 473 Contracts with United States, authori705 zation to waive requirements of 208 examination of records 183 288 Cuba— 288 M u t u a l security assistance, determination by 140 Sugar quota, determination 330 578