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[74 Stat. 131]
[74 Stat. 131]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

SUBJECT INDEX President of the United States—Con. Page C u p R e g a t t a, President's, appropriation for 25 Defense, Department of, exemption of appropriations, funds, etc., from certain apportionment requirements, authority 351 Economic Advisers, Council of, appropriation for 474 Executive mansion and grounds, appropriation for 474 Executive Office, appropriation for 473 Former, appropriation for allowances and office facilities for 433 Funds appropriated to — Atoms for peace 138, 777 Emergency fund, national defense 475 International Cultural Exchange and Trade Fair Participation Act of 1956 570 Management improvement 475 M u t u a l security program. 138, 776, 777, 870 Small business participation, m u t u a l security programs, repeal of provisions respecting 139 Special Authority and Contingency F u n d, appropriation for; restriction 777, 778 Special Education and Training F u n d, repeal of provisions respecting. _ 138 Special foreign currency program 821 Government Organization, Advisory Committee on, appropriation for._ 474 Great Lakes waters, designation of areas requiring registered pilots 259 Hawaii, reports on Federal land use, uniform procedures 422 Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of. Administrative Assistant Secretary, approval of appointment 305 International Development Association, United States membership in, authorization 293 International Health Research Act of 1960 364 Duties and authority under 366 Report to Congress 368 Latin America, appropriation authorized for economic aid 870 Medal honoring Robert Frost, authorization 883 M u t u a l Security Act of 1960 134 M u t u a l security program — Coordination with foreign policy of payments in local currency, determination 139 Cuba, assistance to, determination by 140


President of the United States—Con. Page M u t u a l security program— Con ti nued Special authority to use funds, suspension of limitation for fiscal year 1961 870 National defense emergencies, a p p r o priation for 475 National Security Council, appropriation for 474 Naval vessels, loans to China and Canada 153 Overseas Differentials and Allowances Act, authorization for regulations prescribed under 792 Papers of, appropriation for organizing and microfilming 459 Proclamations. See separate title. Protection, appropriation for 562 Reports to — Interior, Department of the, coal research 337 J a m e s Madison Memorial Commission 37 Kansas-Nebraska I n t e r s t a t e Comp a c t; negotiations by c h a i r m a n. 160 Reports to, for t r a n s m i t t a l to Congress, National Capital Transportation Agency 540, 541 Reports to Congress. See under Congress. Special Education and Training F u n d, repeal of provisions respecting 138 Special projects, appropriation for 473 Sugar, quota for C u b a 330 United States Constitution One H u n dred and Seventy-fifth Anniversary Commission, membership 508 Vessels, naval, authorization for construction 133 West Virginia Centennial Celebration; study 204 White House Office, appropriation for.. 473 President's Committee on National Employ the Physically Handicapped Weeli: Appropriation authorization, i n c r e a s e.. 913 Appropriation for 756 Proclamation, 1960 c84 President's Cup Regatta, appropriation for 25 Presidential Campaign, temporary suspension of equal t i m e requirements in broadcasting 554 Pribilof Islands, appropriation for administration of 111 Printing, Joint Committee on, appropriation for 448 Printing Office, Government, appropriation for 459