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[74 Stat. 805]
[74 Stat. 805]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960




PUBLIC LAW 86-708-SEPT. 6, 1960

least twenty-one years of age; (2) is of good moral character; (3) is in good physical and mental health as certified by a physician licensed to practice in the District of Columbia; (4) has been actively engaged in caring for the sick in the District of Columbia for the year immediately preceding the effective date of this Act; (5) has had three or more years of experience in the care of the sick prior to the effective date of this Act; and (6) has submitted evidence satisfactory to the Commissioners that she is competent to practice as a licensed practical nurse, and (B) either the application is endorsed by two physicians licensed to practice in the District of Columbia v.-ho have personal knowledge of the applicant's nursing qualifications and by two persons who have employed the applicant in the capacity of practical nurse, or the applicant is listed on a nurses' registry licensed in the District of Columbia. SEC. 11. (a) The license of every person licensed under the provisions of this Act shall expire on June 30 of each year and be annually renewed. On or before May 31 of each year, the Commissioner shall mail an application for renewal of license to every person who at the time of such mailing holds a valid license under this Act. The applicant shall, before the following July 1, complete and execute such application and return the same to the Commissioners with the required renewal fee. Upon receipt of such application and fee, the Commissioners shall verify the accuracy of the application and issue to the applicant a certificate of renewal for the year beginning on such July 1 and expire the following June 30. Any licensee who allows her license to lapse by failing to renew the license as provided above, may be reinstated by the Commissioners by showing cause satisfactory to the Commissioners for such failure and on payment of the required fee. (b) Any person licensed under the provisions of this Act but not so practicing in the District of Columbia shall give written notice of such fact to the Commissioners. Upon receipt of such notice, the Commissioners shall place the name of such person upon the nonpracticing list. While remaining on such list, the person shall not be subject to the payment of any renewal fee and shall not hold herself out as a licensed practical nurse in the District of Columbia. Application for renewal of license and payment of renewal fee for the current year shall be made to the Commissioners by any such person desiring to resume practice as a licensed practical nurse. SEC. 12. (a) Any person conducting or desiring to conduct a school of practical nursing may apply to the Commissioners and submit evidence that such person is prepared to give a course of study of not less than twelve months, including clinical experience, and is prepared to meet the standards prescribed by the Commissioners. Each such person shall pay the required fees at the time such application is made. A survey of such school shall be made by the Commissioners. If, in the opinion of the Commissioners, the requirements for an accredited school of practical nursing are met, they shall approve such school as an accredited school for the training of practical nurses. (b) The Commissioners may, whenever they deem it necessary, survey any accredited school of practical nursing in the District of Columbia. If the Commissioners determine that any accredited school of practical nursing does not meet the standards required by this Act and by the Commissioners, notice thereof in writing specifying the defect or defects shall be given to such school. If the defects are hot corrected within a reasonable time, such school shall, after hearing, be removed from the list of accredited schools of practical nursing.


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