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[75 Stat. 1184]
[75 Stat. 1184]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Congress—Continued ^"^^^ Reports to — C o n t i n u e d International Educational and Cult u r a l Affairs, United States Advisory Commission on, evaluation of aid programs 532 Labor, Department of. Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1961, studies 66, 75 Mines, Bureau of, health hazards, study 649 National Aeronautics and Space Administration— Research and development, construction, etc., funds 217

Congressional Record: ^"^^ Appropriation for printing and binding _ 334 Distribution to former Members of Congress, Federal judiciary 5, 202 Connecticut, Shellfisheries Research Center, construction authorized at Milford 409 Consolidated Farmers Home Administration Act of 1961: Administrative provisions 312 Agricultural Credit Insurance F u n d 309 Emergency loans 311 Operating loans 310 Real estate loans 307 Constitution of the United States, t w e n t y third amendment granting represenScientific and professional posit a t i o n in the electoral college to the tions ^ 791 District of Columbia 847 National Outdoor Recreation ReConsumer Price Index, appropriation for. 38, 593 sources Review Commission, Contracts with United States: final report, time extension 19 Defense articles or services, procureNavy, Department of the, public m e n t by President for foreign s a l e. 437 works, construction costs 102 Examination of records, authorization President of the United States— for President to waive requireArms control and disarmanent acments 109 tivities; transfer of funcMilitary departments, semiannual retions 638, 639 ports to Congress on contracts awarded 110 Development Loan F u n d, operations and condition 446 Convention of Paris for the Protection of Industrial Property, legislation effectForeign assistance 427, ing a provision dealing with patents 434, 437, 446, 455 and trademarks 748 Freedmen's Hospital, financial opCoos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands, exerations, study and recompenditures; reimbursement 247 mendations 544 Middle E a s t peace and stability 463 Corn and Grain Sorghums, feed grain programs for 1961, and 1962, price M u t u a l Educational and Cultural supports 6, 301 Exchange Act of 1961, delegations, activities, etc 529, 534 Corps of Engineers. See Engineers, Corps of. Peace Corps Act, operations under _ 619 Cotton: Securities and Exchange Commission, Acreage allotments, transfer 84 results of study of rules for proI m p o r t restrictions 1097 tection of investors 465 Price predictions, restriction on use of Smithsonian Institution, lands and funds for 240 buildings for display of military collections 415 Court of Military Appeals: Appropriation for 371 Treasury, Department of the, foreign Congressional Record, distribution to - _ 203 currencies, inventory by departCourts, United States. See also Justice, ments and agencies 443 Department of. United States Constitution One H u n Administrative Office— dred and Seventy-fifth AnniAppropriation for 37 versary Commission, extension Deputy Director, compensation 793 for filing -_. 78 Director, promulgation of travel and Water pollution control 205 subsistence regulations 340 Woodrow Wilson Memorial CommisAppeals, Courts of— sion 783 Administrative agency orders, interCongressional Cemetery, D.C., approprialocutory injunctions, reasonable tion for maintenance of portion owned notice 497 by United States 722 Appropriation for 27, 37, 555, 746