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[75 Stat. 1196]
[75 Stat. 1196]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



General Services Administration—Con. ^"^^^ Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949. See separate title. Federal Supply Service— Appropriation for 35, 350, 739 Commissioner of, compensation 792 Federal Telecommunications System, appropriation for 739 General provisions. Appropriation Act352, 363 General Supply F u n d, appropriation for_ 25, 351 Government Printing Office, annex building, authorization for construction 803 Hospital facilities in District of Columbia, appropriation for 739 Military collections, display of, consult a t i o n regarding lands and buildings for 415 National Archives and Records Service— Appropriation for 35, 351 Federal Register. See separate title. Policemen, nonuniformed special, appointment 574 Presidents, former, appropriation for allowances and office facilities 352 Public Buildings Service. See separate title. Public debt, acceptance of gifts to United States for reduction of 119 Reconstruction Finance Corporation Liquidation F u n d, funds for; limitation 361 Renegotiation Act of 1951, appropriation for refunds under 25 Security guard services, reimbursement from— Atomic Energy Commission 730 Civil Service Commission. 344 Defense, Department of 375 Geological Survey 252 Immigration and Naturalization Service 552 National Aeronautics and Space Council 342 National Science Foundation 356 State, Department of 550 Veterans Administration 357 Small business contracting program, development 667 State, Department of, transfer of funds for P a n American Health Organization building site 746 Strategic and critical materials— Appropriation for 351 Calcines and m a t t e 19

General Services Administration—Con. Page Strategic and critical materials—Con. Waterfowl feathers and down, disposition 566 Supergrade positions, repeal of provision for additional 788 Supply distribution, appropriation for_ 25 Territories, authority for purchases through 250 Transportation and Public Utilities Service, appropriation for 351 T w e n t y - t h i r d constitutional amendment granting representation in the electoral college to the District of Columbia 847 Weather Bureau, appropriation for construction transferred to 734 Working Capital F u n d, appropriation for increased capital 352 Geological Survey, appropriation for 37, 251,744 Georgia: Savannah, N a than a e l Greene Villa housing project, disposal 191 Tennessee Bald or Beech Gap P a r k w a y, survey 337 Gift Enterprises in District of Columbia, repeal of certain provisions respecting _ 565 Girl Scouts, United States of America, equipment and services loaned by Defense Department 387 Gold or Silver Articles, identification by trademark 775 Gorgas Memorial Institute, Panama, appropriation for 602 Government Corporation Control Act, Amendment, wholly-owned government corporations, deletion of Federal F a r m Mortgage Corporation 774 Government Corporations. See also Government Department s and Agencies and individual titles. Administrative expenses, appropriation for 359 Office buildings, restriction on purchase or construction 283 Government Departments and Agencies: Claims, appropriation for settlements - 40, 747 Development Loan Committee, officers appointed by the President 427 Employees, emergency evacuation, pay procedure 662 Federal Airport Act, amendment, space acquisition authority under 527 Foreign credits, use of 283 Foreign currencies, inventory, report to Treasury Department 443 General supply fund, removal of limitation 802