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[82 STAT. A16]
[82 STAT. A16]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Pase Cradle of Forestry in America, Pisgah Na- Page Crimes and Misdemeanors—Continued Jury Selection and Service Act of 1968, tional Forest, N.C., establishment 342 penalties for violations under 57, 59, 60 Credit Protection Act, Consumer 146 Klickitat County, Wash., construction Credit Union Act, Federal, Amendments: of sewer and water systems, penalPurchase of liquidating notes; unsecured ties for violations 1319 loan limit; semi-annual audits; Liquors, interstate shipment, bill of consumer credit counseling programs; acceptance of gifts 284-286 lading requirement, penalties 872 LSD, and other hallucinogenic drugs, Technical provisions 545 penalties for possession, etc ^ 1361 Credit Unions, Federal, payroll deductions Machineguns, destructive devices, etc., for employees to purchase shares 274 tax violations, penalties 1234 Creek Nation of Indians, judgment funds, National Commission on the Causes disposition 855, 859 and Prevention of Violence, atCrime Control and Safe Streets Act of tendance and testimony of witnesses 1968, Omnibus 197 and production of evidence 176 Crimes and Misdemeanors: National Trails System Act, violation of "Anti-Crime Program," hearing, printregulations, penalties 925 ing of additional copies 1445 Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968, Appeals by United States from decisions penalties for violations under 725 sustaining motions to suppress eviOverthrow of the Government, persons dence 237 accepting fellowships who advocate, Bank Protection Act of 1968, penalties penalty 716 for violations under 295 Postal Service— Canal Zone, provisions of law made ap)Employees, assaults on, penalties 611 plicable to 243 Inspectors, arrest and commitment, Civil Obedience Act of 1968 -._ 90 powers of. 998 Civil rights, 1968, penalties for violaMotor vehicle master keys, nonmailtions 73-77, 86, 87, 90, 91 able 997 Commodity Exchange Act, violations Prosecution for embezzlement of postunder, penalties 31, 33 age due collections 292 Consumer Credit Protection Act, penPublic Space Rental Act, D.C., penalalties for violations under 151, ties for violation 1163 160, 161, 164 Public Space Utilization Act, D.C., Criminal procedures, trial by United penalties for violations 1168 States magistrates; techincal amendSavings and Loan Holding Company ments 1115 Amendments of 1967, violations District of Columbia Air Pollution Conunder penalty 14 trol Act, penalties for violations Telephone calls, obscene or harassing, under 459 penalties 112 Electronic products standards, penalties Traveler's checks, forged countersigned, for violations 1185 transportation in interstate comEl Dorado, Kans., settlement of claim, merce 885 penalties for violations 108 United States Grain Standards Act, Extortion and threats in District of penalties for violations under 767 Columbia, prohibition; penalties for Warrants, additional grounds for violations 238 issuing 238 Extortionate credit transactions, proWholesome Poultry Products Act, penvisions 159 alties for violations under 802 Firearms control, etc 226, 236, 1223 Wire or oral communications, devices Flag of the United States, desecration, for interception, prohibition; penpenalties 291 alties for violations 211-225 Gilmer County, Ga., settlement of claim Witnesses and evidence, admissibility penalties for violation 242 into evidence of voluntary confesGovernment employees, compensation, sions: eye witness testimony 210 citizenship requirement, penalties Criminal Justice Act of 1964, appropriafor violations 717 tion for effecting provisions 685 Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Crop Insurance Corporation, Federal, apAct, penalties for violations under. _ 598 propriation for 310, 652