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[82 STAT. A15]
[82 STAT. A15]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


Copyright OflBce, appropriation for 410 Corporations: Commodity Credit Corporation— Appropriation for 652 Emergency Credit Revolving Fund, temporary funding authorization 169 E x t r a long staple cotton, sale a t m a r k e t prices 703 Financing exports to persons engaged in commerce with North Vietnam, prohibition 451 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, appropriation for 310, 652 Federal H o m e Loan Bank Board, appropriation for 335, 953 Federal National Mortgage Association, Government-sponsored private corporation 536 Government Corporation Control Act— Amendments, technical 544, 610 Appropriation for effecting provisions 657, 708, 977 Government National Mortgage Association, separate corporation 536 National housing partnerships, private corporations c r e a t e d. 547 Northwest Regional Services Corporation, hearings on establishment, printing of copies 1442 S t a t u to r y mergers, tax exemption 1310 Corporations and Business Tax, District of Columbia, increase 612 Cotton: Cropland adjustment program; price support, etc., extension 996 E x t r a long staple— Allotment transfers 702 Price support, sale a t m a r k e t p r i c e s.. 702, 703 Long staple, national marketing quota_ 701 Court of Military Appeals, United States: Appropriation for 1125 Establishment as judicial tribunal; retired judge and staff assistant 178 Courts, United States: Administrative Office, appropriation for. 685 Appeals, Courts of—• Appropriation for 319, 323, 684 Judges, appointment of additional 184 Pretrial proceedings of civil actions in different districts, judicial review by 110


Courts, United States—Continued Page Claims, Court of— Appropriation for 323, 684 Confederated Tribes of Colville Reservation and Y a k i m a Tribes of Y a k i m a Reservation, settlement of rights to j u d g m e n t fund 69 Customs and P a t e n t Appeals, C o u r t of, appropriation for 684 Customs Court, appropriation for 684 District Courts—• Agua Caliente Reservation, Calif., handling of estates, jurisdiction. 1164 Appropriation for 319, 323, 684 Electronic products, violations, jurisdiction 1184 Flood insurance program, judicial review 585 Gun control, petitions, judicial review 1223 Judges, appointment of U. S. magistrates 1108 Multidistrict litigation, transfer for consolidation of pretrial proceedings 109 National insurance development program, judicial reviewi 563 North Carolina, eastern district, Eliza b e t h City division, j u d g m e n t s against United States for acquisition of lands 168 Virginia, judicial districts, independe n t cities included 292 Wholesome Poultry Products Act, jurisdiction 806 District of Columbia. See Courts under District of Columbia. Federal Judicial Center, appropriation for 319, 686 Federal juries, selection, fees, etc 53-63 Federal Magistrates Act 1107 Judges— Appropriation for 319 Widows and dependent children, annuities 662 J u r o r s and commissioners, appropriation for 319, 685 J u r y Selection and Service Act of 1968. 53 Military Appeals, United States Court of. See separate title. Supreme Court of the United States, appropriation for 323, 683 T a x Court of the United States, appropriation for 196 United States Magistrates, Office of, establishment 1107 Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge,, 111., legislative jurisdiction by United States, adjustment 177