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[82 STAT. 172]
[82 STAT. 172]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


PUBLIC LAW 90-334-JUNE 8, 1968

[82 STAT.

None of the vessels authorized herein shall be procured from other than shipyards and facilities within the United States. B. Increasing capability: (1) install generators and air conditioning on five seagoing buoy tenders; (2) improve habitability on two coastal buoy tenders; (3) install air conditioning on one coastal buoy tender; and (4) install balloon tracking radar on two high endurance cutters and modify balloon tracking radar installation on one high endurance cutter. C. Extension of service life: (1) improve icebreakers; and (2) increase fuel capacity and improve habitability on high endurance cutters. Aircraft For procurement of aircraft, $14,636,000. (1) nine medium-range helicopters. Construction

—...' ' '•»

For establishment or development of installations and facilities by acquisition, construction, conversion, extension, or installation of permanent or temporary public works, including the preparation of sites and furnishing of appurtenances, utilities, and equipment for the following, $47,660,000. (1) Depot, Greenville, Mississippi: Barracks, messing, and operations building; garage; mooring facilities; |, (2) Moorings, Natchez, Mississippi: Mooring facilities; (3) Station, Siuslaw River, Florence, Oregon: Barracks, messing, operations, and administration building; ^^ . (4) Station, Hobucken, North Carolina: Barracks, messing,

  • t^ operations, and administration building; convert existing build^', ing to garage and storage building, improve facilities;

(5) Moorings, Juneau, Alaska: Enlarge existing building to provide additional space for electronic spares shipping ana receiving area, office space, and other purposes; (6) Station, Point Allerton, Hull, Massachusetts: Barracks, messing, operations, and administration building; garage and workshop building; mooring facilities; helicopter p a d; (7) Station, Grays Harbor, Westpoint, Washington: Barracks, messing, operations, and administration building; (8) Station, Port Aransas, Texas: Repair and replace waterfront facilities; (9) Loran Station, Cape San Bias, Gulf County, Florida: Barracks building; convert existing building for messing and recreation spaces; enlarge loran building, garage and storage building; (10) Station, Bayfield, Wisconsin: Barracks, messing, and operations building, pier facilities; (11) Air Station, Mobile, Alabama: Barracks, B O Q and messing building; training, recreational, and exchange facilities, hangar space conversion; (12) Station, Cape Charles City, Virginia: Barracks, messing, and operations building; mooring facilities, helicopter pad; (13) Station, Annapolis, Maryland: Barracks, messing, and operations building; mooring facilities; (14) Western Long Island Sound Development: (i) Station, New Haven, Connecticut: Barracks, messing,