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[85 STAT. C21]
[85 STAT. C21]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

SUBJECT INDEX Transportation and Communications Page Service, appropriation for 118 Geological Survey, appropriation for. 45, 66, 234 627 Government Corporation Control Act: Amendment, Rural Telephone Bank, a "mixed-ownership Government corporation" 37 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 105, 206,211 Government Losses in Shipment Act, Amendment, United States securities lost or stolen, relief to owners 74 Government National Mortgage Association: Appropriation for 266, 272, 282 Purchase of mortgages, waiver of limitation 775 Government Organization and Employees. See'also individual departments. Claims and judgments, appropriation for settlement 55, 642 Cost-of-living stabilization, Presidential appointment of officers for carrying out functions 751 Defense Department, additional assistant secretary 777 Discrimination on the basis of sex, prohibition— Federal programs, exclusion from participation in, or denial of benefits of any 168, 173 Married women, equality of employment benefits 644 Nurse training schools 479 Schools of medicine, dentistry, etc 461 Special employment assistance program 154 Farm Credit Administration, Governor, compensation 625 Federal employee compensation adjustment 753 General provisions, Appropriation Act. _ 122 Interior, Department of, additional Assistant Secretary, appointment 75 Married women, equality of treatment644 Micronesian Claims Commission, assistance of agencies in carrying out functions 94 Overtime pay for intermittent and parttime employees 648 Retirement, forfeiture of annuity, deletion of certain offenses 348 Government Printing Office: Appropriation for 57, 142 Congressional Record, appropriation for publication 142 Federal Register, appropriation for publication 142


Superintendent of Documents, Office of. Page appropriation for 142 Government Procurement, Commission on: Appropriation for 55, 115 Report to Congress, time extension 102 Guatemala, animal disease control. United States cooperation with 418 "Guide to Federal Programs for Rural Development", printing of additional copies 870 H Handicapped: Blind and Other Severely Handicapped, Committee for Purchase of Products and Services of the, establishment 77 Boolcs for, appropriation for 141,638 Education, appropriation for assistance. 103 Housing, appropriation for 66 National Employ the Handicapped Week, 1971, proclamation 925 Hatch Act (agricultural experimental stations), appropriation for 186 Hazardous Articles, advertisement soliciting mailing of, restrictions 647 Hazardous Substances Act, Federal, appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 200 Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of: Administrator, Office of the, appropriation for 291 Appropriation Act, 1972 289 Appropriation for 28, 45, 46, 63, 120, 200, 241, 289, 629, 630, 681 Armed Forces, medical needs, study 354 Blind and Other Severely Handicapped, Committee for Purchase of Products and Services of the, member. _ 78 Child Development, Office of, appropriation for 65, 297, 632 Community Mental Health Centers Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 289, 290, 295 Comprehensive Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Act of 1970, appropriation for effecting provisions 289 Comprehensive Health Manpower Training Act of 1971 431 Departmental Management, appropriation for 65 Dependents' Medical Care Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 291 Developmental Disabilities Services and Facilities Construction Act— Amendments, technical 464