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[85 STAT. C22]
[85 STAT. C22]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971



Page Health, Education, and Welfare, Page Department of—Continued Director, appointment 785 Developmental Disabilities Services and National Eye Institute, appropriation Facilities Construction Act—Con. for 292 Appropriation for effecting proviNational Heart and Lung Institute, sions 290, 295 appropriation for 292 District of Columbia Medical Facilities National Institute of Allergy and InConstruction Act of 1968, approfectious Diseases, appropriation for 292 priation for effecting provisions.. 290, 291 National Institute of Arthritis and Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, Metabolic Diseases, appropriation appropriation for effecting provifor 292 sions 103, 632 National Institute of Child Health and Education, Office of— Human Development, appropriaAppropriation Act, 1972 103 tion for 292 Appropriation for 64, 103, 630 National Institute of Dental Research, Environmental Health Service, approappropriation for 292 priation for 28, 63 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, appropriation for292 Federal Coal Mine Health and SafetyAct of 1969, appropriation for National Institute of General Medical Sciences, appropriation for 292 effecting provisions 296, 631 National Institute of Neurological DisFederal National Mortgage Association eases and Stroke, appropriation for 292 Charter Act, appropriation for 294 Food and Drug Administration. See National Institutes of Health— separate title. Appropriation for 47, 64, 291, 631 Gallaudet College, appropriation for_ _ 65, 106 Director, appointment 785 General provisions. Appropriation Act_ 298 National Technical Institute for the Health Services and Mental Health Deaf, appropriation for 47 Nurse Training Act of 1971 465 Administration, appropriation for.. 45, 46, 63, 120, 241, 289, 629, 631 Nursing home improvement, appropriation for 630 Howard University, appropriation for__ 65, Older Americans Act of 1965, appro106, 632 priation for effecting provisions. 295, 632 Indian Health Services, appropriation Public Health Service Act. See sepafor 241 rate title. International Health Research Act of Public Health Service hospitals, acti1960, appropriation for effecting vities, congressional statement 868 provisions 295 Refugees in the United States, approJohn E. Fogarty International Center priation for 681 for Advanced Study in the Health Retired Senior Volunteer Program and Sciences, appropriation for 293 Foster Grandparent Program Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and transfer of functions to ACTION.. 820 Control Act of 1968— Saline water conversion program, Amendments— cooperation 161 Interdepartmental Council, estabSaint Elizabeths Hospital— lishment 84 Appropriation for 289 Time extension; increased Federal United States prisoners, reimburseshare 84 ment for support of 253 Appropriation for effecting proviSocial and Rehabilitation Service, apsions 295 propriation for 47, 65, 294, 632 Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Social Security Act. See separate title. Control Act of 1971 84 Social Security Administration, approModel Secondary School for the Deaf, priation for 65, 296, 631 appropriation for 65, 105 Vocational Rehabilitation Act, approNarcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act of priation for effecting provisions 295 1966, appropriation for effecting Work incentive program, cooperation.. 808 provisions 289 Health, National Institutes of: National Advisory Committee on EduAppropriation for 47, 64, 291, 631 cation of the Deaf, appropriation Director, appointment 785 for 297 Health Manpower Shortage ClearingNational Cancer Institute— house, National, establishment 461 Appropriation for 47, 292