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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 2382

PUBLIC LAW 98-511—OCT. 19, 1984

sisted under this title. Grants made pursuant to this section shall be for a period of three years. RESEARCH Contracts with U.S. 20 USC 3245.

Public information.

"SEC. 735. (a) The Secretary shall, through competitive contracts under this section, provide financial assistance for research and development proposals submitted by institutions of higher education, private for-profit and nonprofit organizations, State and local educational agencies, and individuals. "(b) Research activities authorized to be assisted under this section shall include— "(1) studies to determine and evaluate effective models for bilingual education programs; "(2) studies which examine the process by which individuals acquire a second language and master the subject matter skills required for grade-promotion and graduation, and which identify effective methods for teaching English and subject matter skills within the context of a bilingual education program or special alternative instructional program to students who have language proficiencies other than English; "(3) longitudinal studies to measure the effect of this title on the education of students who have language proficiencies other than English, and the effect of this title on the capacity of local educational agencies to operate bilingual programs following the termination of assistance under this title; "(4) studies to determine effective and reliable methods for identifying students who are entitled to services under this title and for determining when their English language proficiency is sufficiently well developed to permit them to derive optimal benefits from an all-English instructional program; "(5) the operation of a clearinghouse which shall collect, analyze, and disseminate information about bilingual education and related programs; "(6) studies to determine effective methods of teaching English to adults who have language proficiencies other than English; "(7) studies to determine and evaluate effective methods of instruction for bilingual programs, taking into account language and cultural differences among students; and "(8) studies to determine effective approaches to preservice and inservice training for teachers, taking into account the language and cultural differences of their students. "(c) In carrying out the responsibilities of this section, the Secretary may delegate authority to the Director, and in any event, shall consult with the Director, the National Advisory and Coordinating Council on Bilingual Education, representatives of State and local educational agencies, and appropriate groups and organizations involved in bilingual education. "(d) The Secretary shall publish and disseminate all requests for proposals in research and development assisted under this title. COORDINATION OF RESEARCH

20 USC 3246. 20 USC 1221e.

"SEC. 736. Notwithstanding section 405(b)(1) of the General Education Provisions Act, the Director of the National Institute of Education shall consult with the Director and the National Advisory and