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that the Mosaic laws relative to marriage and the sexes, such as those in Levit. 18:6–18, (however we might understand them, if now first given to us in the present state of society,) were addressed only to Hebrew men. They could not have been intelligible as addressed to Hebrew women; because they had no voice or lot in carrying them into execution; but were themselves merely passive in the arrangements between one family and another." (P. 27, par. 3, 5, Appendix.)

In reply the following remarks are offered: 1. The inquiry before us is, What is the duty of Christian men and women? If "the Hebrew wife was little more than the husband's slave," a Christian wife is not the slave of her husband, nor can he dismiss her at pleasure. The law is intelligible to a Christian woman. What is her duty? Is she not bound to obey the marriage law? If a man be so wicked as to propose to marry his sister, can she consent without sin? Or if a man propose to contract any marriage within the Levitical degrees, can the female accept his proposals, and be free from guilt?

2. Why could not Hebrew women understand