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Mit.] My man Johnny, ye’re at nae strait about bairns getting, some needs to gang to London to learn that auld trade; I ken very weel when ane gets wark lumes right to their hands, nature will teach them how to fa’ too.

Jock.] Now fare you weel Janet, that wean is weal worth the warkmanship, I'll warrand ye weel a wat is’t.

Jenny.] Guidnight wi’ you John, but O man thou’s broken my fortune, I’ll never get mair o’ a man nor I hae gotten, and dear, dear, hae I suffer’d for what I hae done, an if thou had a bestowed thyself on a me, ye see what a bonny bairn time we wad a hane.

Mit.] Thou says it thou’s suffer’d sadly for what thou’s done, but though they wad tak the hyde o’er thy een holes it wadna tak the inclination out o’ thee; for thou'll do’t again, but it’s no be wi’ my bairn I’se warrand thee, an now Johnny come awa hame to thy hauf marrow an use thy freedom as formerly, thou’ll hae weans thick and three fauld; I'll mak thee a decostion o’ cock stanes, lamb stanes, an chicken broe, will gar thee cock thy tail like a mavis, and canter like a Galloway top.


AS Jockey an his mither came hobbling hame together on the outside o' the auld doil'd beast his mither’s black mare; a waefu’ misfortune befel them:—Her hinderlets being wickedly wet, in John Davie's well that morning, an it being a frosty night, her coats was a’ frozen round about her, an the hand harn sark plaid clash between her legs like a wet dish-clout, her teeth gaed like a rattle-bag till; about ha’f gate hame, then she was suddenly seized wi’ a rumbling in her muckle bag, what kintry fouk ca's a rush i’ the guts; Jockey was fash’d helping her aff an helping her on, foul, fat, and dirty was the roa',

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