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Mag.] Indeed Johnny, I like you better nor ony lad I see, an I sall marry you an yence my father’s muck were out; my mither downa wirk at the midden.

Jock.] A Maggy, Maggy, I’m fear’d ye beguile me and then my mither will murder me for being so silly?

Mag.] My jo Jockey, tell your mither to provide a’ things for the bridal, an I sall marry you in three ouks after this, but we maun gie in siller to the precentor, a groat and a drink to the bellman, and then the kirk wa’s maun hear o’t three Sundays or it come.

Jock.] But Maggy, I’m no to mak a blin bargain wi’ you nor naebody, I maun ken o’ your things and ye sall ken o’ mine.

Mag.] I ken well what I was to get, an gin my mither like the bargain well, she’ll mak it better? but an my father be angry at the match, l darna meet you to be married.

Jock.] I see na how he can be angry, I wet well I'm a gay sturdy fellow, when I laid a bow and five pecks, o’ beer on the laird’s Bawsy,and he’s as bilshy a beast as is in a’ the Barronry.

Mag.] Ay, but my mither is ay angry at ony body that evens themselves to me, an it binna them she likes, indeed she bade me tak ony body if it was na auld tottering Tammy, for his beard is ay brown wi' sucking tobacco, and slavers a’ the breast o' his secket.

Jock.] O! Maggy, tak me an I’ll tell you what I hae; first my father left me when he died fifty merks twa ducks, twa pair o’ sunks, the hens, an the gaun gear was to be divided between me aa my mither, an' if she died first, a’ her gear was to come in amang mine, an if I died before her a’ my gear was to come back to her again, an her to marry another man if she cou’d get him. But since 'tis happened sae, she is to gie me brucky and the black mare, the ha’f o’ the coys, three spoons, four pair o' blankets an' a can as she's to big a twa bey to her ain gavel to be a dwelling-house to me an’ my wife, an em to get the