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wee byre at the end of the raw, to hand my cow an twa couties: the ha’f o’ the barn and a bed o’ the kail-yard as lang as she lives, an when she dies am to pay for the yerding o’ her honestly, an a’ the o’er-come is to be my ain; and by that time I’ll be as rich as e’er my father was before me.

Mag.] Truly, Johnny, I'se no say meikle to the contrair, but an ye hae a mind to tak me wi’ what I hae, tell me either now or never, for I’se be married or lang gae?

Jock.] I wat well I’m courting in earnest, tell me what you hae, an we’ll say nae mair but marry ither.

Mag.] I’se tell you a’ I ken o', whate'er my guidame gies ye’s get it?

Jock.] That’s right, I want nae mair, ’tis an unco thing to marry a naket woman and get naething but twa bare legs.

Mag.] O Johnny ye’re in the right o't for mony ane is beguil’d and gets naething, but my father is to gie me forty punds Scots that night I am married, a lade o’ meal, a furlet o’ groats, auld Crummie is mine since she was a ca’f, and now she has a stirk will tak the bill e’er Beltan yet, I hae twa stane o’ good lint, and three pockfu’s o’ tow, a good ca’fbed, twa bousters and three cods, with three pair o' blankets, an a covering, forby twa pair to spla, but my mither wadna gie me creesh to them, an ye ken the butter is dear now?

Jock] Then fareweel the night Maggy; the best of friends maun part, an to maun thy twa legs yet.

Mag.] I wish you well Johnny, but say nae mair till we be married, and then lad.

(Hame gaed Maggy and tell'd her Mither)

Mag.] O mither! I hae something to tell ye, but ye maun tell my father?

Mither.] Dear Maggy, and what is that.

Mag.] Mither am gaun to be married an the muck were out.?

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