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5 F. crucial, adj., cross-shaped, cruciform,
S. crucial, adj., cross-shaped, cruciform, crucial
E. crucial, adj. (The F. and S. words have not acquired the secondary meaning, severe)
6 E. excruciating, adj. (in F., atroce, in S. atroz)

6 Latin culpa, crime; fault

1 F. disculper,, to exculpate; to exonerate
S. disculpar,, to exculpate; to excuse
E. exculpate,
2 F. inculper,
S. inculpar,
S. culpar,, to blame;
E. inculpate,
3 F. inculpe (coupable), s.m.
S. culpado, s.m.
E. culprit, s.
4 F. coupable, adj., guilty; culpable; blamable
S. culpable, adj., culpable; faulty;
E. culpable, adj.

Latin currere, to run

1 E. concourir, v. int., to concur, to co-operate, to compete
S. concurrir, v. int., to concur, to be present
E. concur,
2 F. courir, v. int., to run
S. correr,, to run
3 F. discourir,, to expatiate, to discourse
S. discurrir,, to ramble about, to run to and fro, to discourse
E. discourse,
F. encourir, v.t.
S. incurrir (en),
E. incur,
5 S. ocurrir,, to happen, to come to mind, to meet, to go
E. occur,
6 F. concours s.m., concourse, meeting, concurrence, petition
S. concurso, s.m., concourse, crowd, aid, assistance, contest (of candidates)
E. concourse, s.
7 F. concurrence, s.f., competition
S. concurrencia, s.f., convention or assembly of persons, concurrence
E. concurrence, s.
8 F. courant, s.m.
S. corriente, s.m.
E. current, s.
9 F. courrier, s.m., mail, courier
S. correo, s.m., mail, courier
E. courier, s.