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S. acrecentar, to increase
S. acrecer,, to increase
E. accrue, (in F., provenir,; in S., resultar,
E. increase,
E. crew, s. (from accrue, p.p. of F. accroître. The prefix was confused with the E. indefinite article. Cf. an apron from a napron)
2 F. croître,, to grow, to increase
S. crecer,, to grow, to increase
3 F. décroître,
S. descrecer,
E. decrease,
4 F. accroissement, s.m., increase; growth; accretion
S. acrecencia, s.f., (acrecentamiento, s.m.) increase; growth; accretion
F. accretion, s.
E. increase, s.
[1]5 F. concret, s.m. (This word is not used in F. or S. in the sense of a mixture of sand, gravel, etc., with cement. For this meaning F. uses béton, s.m., S. betón, s.m.)
S. concreto, s.m.
E. concrete, s.
6 F. crescendo, s.m.
S. crescendo, s.m.
E. crescendo, s.
7 F. croissance, s.f., growth (act of growing)
F. cru, s.m., growing, (production, . . . of my own production, . . . de mon cru)
F. crue, s.f., rising (of waters)
S. crecimiento, s.m., increase; increment; growing
8 F. croissant, s.m.
S. creciente, s.f. (de la marea), flood-tide; crescent
E. crescent, s.
9 F. excroissance, s.f.
S. excrecencia, s.f.
E. excrescence, s.
10 S. incremento, s.m.
E. increment, s.

5 Latin crux, crucis, cross

1 F. croiser,
S. cruzar,
E. cross,
E. cruise,
2 F. crucifier,
S. crucificar,
E. crucify,
3 F. croisade, s.f.
S. cruzada, s.f.
E. crusade, s.
4 F. croix, s.f.
S. cruz, s.f.
E. cross, s.


  1. The words of this group are used as adjectives, also.