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8 E. seclude,
9 F. clause, s.f., clause. (In grammatical sense F. uses membre de phrase)
S. clausula, s.f.
10 F. cloître, s.m.
S. claustro, s.m.
E. cloister, s.
11 F. conclusion, s.f.
S. conclusión, s.f.
E. conclusion, s.
12 F. exclusion, s.f.
S. exclusión, s.f.
E. exclusion, s.
13 S. inclusión, s.f., inclusion; easy access, familiar intercourse
E. inclusion, s.
14 E. seclusion, s.

3 Latin cor, cordis, heart, mind

1 F. accorder,
S. acordar,, to concert, to remind, to time (mus. inst.), to deliberate
S. acordar, v.r., to come to an agreement
S. acordar,, to agree, to remember
E. accord, v. int.
2 F. décourager,
S. descorazonar, (m.u., desanimar)
E. discourage,
3 F. encourager,
E. encourage,
4 F. coeur, s.m., heart, core
S. corazón, s.m., heart, core
E. core, s.
5 F. concordance, s.f., concord, agreement (in grammar)
S. concordancia, s.f., concord, agreement (in grammar), harmony, (in music)
6 F. concorde, s.f.
S. concordia, s.f.
E. concord, s.
7 F. discorde, s.f., discord. (The French musical term is dissonance)
S. discordia, s.f., discord. (The Spanish musical term is disonancia)
E. discord, s.
8 F. record, s.m. (only in such phrases as, il détient le record de tant de kilomètres par heure, he holds the record of so many k. an hour)
S. recuerdo, s.m., remembrance, souvenir, memory
E. record, s.[1]
9 F. cordial, adj.
S. cordial, adj.
E. cordial, adj.

4 Latin crescere, to grow

1 F. accroitre,, to increase; to enlarge; to extend


  1. Notice that a record is literally, a reminder.