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On Letting Alone

in their ancestral halls. Then, when dead men lay about pillowed on each others' corpses, when cangued prisoners and condemned criminals jostled each other in crowds,—then the Confucianists and the Mihists, in the midst of gyves and fetters, stood forth to preach!

Salvation from the ills of which they and their systems had been the cause.

Alas, they know not shame, nor what it is to blush!

"Until I can say that the wisdom of Sages is not a fastener of cangues, and that charity and duty to one's neighbour are not bolts for gyves, how should I know that Tsêng and Shih are not the forerunners

Lit. " sounding arrows," used by bandits as a signal for beginning the attack.

of Chieh and Chê?

The meaning intended is that good cannot exist without its correlative evil.

"Therefore I said, 'Abandon wisdom and discard knowledge, and the empire will be at peace.'"

These words have been incorporated in ch. xix of the Tao-Tê-Ching. The present rendering somewhat modifies the view I expressed on p. 16 of The Remains of Lao Tzŭ.

The Yellow Emperor sat on the throne for nineteen years, and his laws obtained all over the empire.

Hearing that Kuang Ch'eng Tzŭ

Said by some commentators to be another name for