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Hsü Wu Kuei

by the people of Ch'i. Now I must have given some indication by which he recognised me.

As a Sage.

I must have sold for him to buy. For had I not manifested myself, how would he have recognised me? Had I not sold, how could he have bought?

"Alas! I grieve over man's self-destruction.

As reputation comes, reality goes.

And then I grieve over one who grieves for another. And then I grieve over him who grieves over one who grieves for another! And so I get daily farther and farther away."

And become like dry wood, my soul absorbed into Tao.

When Confucius went to Ch'u, the prince entertained him at a banquet. Sun Shu Ao stood up with a goblet of wine in his hand, and I Liao of Shih-nan poured a libation, saying, "On such occasions as this, the men of old were wont to make some utterance."

"Mine," replied Confucius, "is the doctrine of wordless utterances. Shall I who make no utterances, make utterance now?

"I Liao of Shih-nan played with his ball, and the trouble of two houses was arranged.

A man of great strength who refused to aid in settling a State quarrel. He was a great ball player,—whatever that may have been.