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Chuang Tzŭ

Sun Shu Ao remained quietly in repose, and the men of Ying threw down their arms.

No one dared attack them, so powerful was the prestige of their minister.

I should want a three-foot tongue indeed!

To achieve more by talk than these two achieved by inaction.

"Theirs was the Tao of inaction. His was the argument of silence. Wherefore, for

The manifestation of Tao.

to rest in undivided Tao,

By which all things are One.

and for speech to stop at the unknowable,—this is perfection.

"With undivided Tao, cannot be coincident.

The latter is multiform.

No argument can demonstrate the unknowable. Subdivision into Confucianists and Mihists only makes confusion worse confounded.

"The sea does not reject the streams which flow eastward into it. Therefore it is immeasurably great. The true Sage folds the universe in his bosom. His good influence benefits all throughout the empire, without respect to persons. Born without rank, he dies without titles. He does not take credit for realities.

But attributes it all to circumstances.

He does not establish a name.

For what he has done.

This is to be a great man.