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Chinese Sketches. Death of an Emperor—Etiquette—Gambling—Feng-shui—Opium—Pawnbrokers—Slang—Inquests, &c. &c.

Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Translation of the Liao Chai. 2 vols. 8vo.

Historic China, and other Sketches.

Gems of Chinese Literature. Containing Extracts from various Authors, from B.C. 500 to A.D. 1600.

A Short History of Koolangsu.

On Some Translations and Mistranslations in Williams' Syllabic Dictionary.

Dictionary of Colloquial Idioms in the Mandarin Dialect.

Chinese without a Teacher: Being a Collection of Easy and Useful Sentences in the Mandarin Dialect. With a Vocabulary. 2nd Edition.

Synoptical Studies in Chinese Character.

Handbook of the Swatow Dialect.

Record of the Buddhistic Kingdoms. Translated from the Chinese. With copious Notes.

Two Chinese Poems: The San Tzŭ Ching, or the Trimetrical Classic; and the Ch'ien Tzŭ Wên, or Thousand Character Essay. Metrically translated.

From Swatow to Canton: An Overland Journey.

A Glossary of Reference, on Subjects connected with the Far East. 2nd Edition.

The Remains of Lao Tzŭ. Hong Kong: 1886.