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Permission of Munsey's Magazine, New York

Oh, man o' mine in olive drab,
So handsome, brave, and strong,
You're bound for "somewhere" there in France
To join the fighting throng.

Oh, man o' mine, from out your heart
Your eye speaks brave and true;
You'll do your patriotic part,
For, man o' mine, that's you!

For liberty you're going, man,
And honor—therefore go!
But oh, my man, come back, come back,
Because I need you so!

One man in ten must fall they say;
Each hour my fervent prayer
Will seek its heavenward way to plead
That God may guard you there.

I know the horrors you will see;
I hear the bursting shell.
But, man o' mine, you'll do your part,
And do it more than well!

'Tis such as you they want, my man,
To stem the tyrants' greed;
But oh, my man, come back, come back,
My love, my strength, my need!