Patriotic pieces from the Great War/The Flag

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O some sing Tipperary,
Some sing the Marseillaise,
And some prefer God Save the King,
Or other martial lays;
Give me the Spangled Banner,
With its stars now fifty fold,
I love our Spangled Banner,
For we sang that song of old.

Some love the brave tricolor,
And some the Union Jack,
Some hail the flag of Italy,
Or the yellow, red and black;
They're all our friends and allies,
Stout men, alert and bold,
But I love the Spangled Banner,
'Tis the flag we waved of old.

Flag of our faith and freedom,
Flag for which we've bled!
Flag of our home and happiness,
Flag of our honored dead!
No tyrant's sword shall wound thee,
No alien hand shall hold
Our loved Star Spangled Banner,
The flag we loved of old.