Popular Science Monthly/Volume 10/Index

I N D E X.

Abnormal Fruits 761
Aboriginal Settlements of the Pacific Coast. (Illustrated.) 353
Accoutrement of a Field-Geologist. (Illustrated.) 708
Age of Trees, and their Period of Leafing 121
Air, Compressed, Effects of, on Animals 120
Air and Clothing 654
Alabama, Coal and Iron in 637
Albertite 634
Alcohol, Estimation of 765
"its Effects on Brain-Substance 17
America, Science in 313
"Astronomy in 75
American Astronomical Achievement 446
"Forestry, Association 251
"Geographical Society 508
"Zoologists, what they have done for Evolution 1
"Zoologists, what they have done for Evolution 181
Animals and Steam-Engines 632
"Journeyings and Dispersal of 576
Annihilation of the Mind 715
Antarctic Icebergs 631
Ants, Foray of an Army of 117
Aquarium, The New York 234
Arctic Expedition, The British 379
Arctic Expedition, The British 511
"Regions, Winter-Quarters in 766
Arnott, Dr., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 100
As regards Bishop Coxe 107
Astronomy in America 75
Atmosphere, Combat with an Infective 641
Audubon's Lily rediscovered 675

Baer, K. E. von 638
Bain, Alexander 638
""Education 418
""Education 513
""Education 620
Ball-Paradox. (Illustrated.) 725
""Explanation of 761
Bartlett's Ozone Generator 114
Bastian, H. C, The Invertebrate Brain. (Illustrated.) 27
Bat-Guano 122
Beard, G. M., Mind-Reading 459
Bees, do they hear? 121
Biology in Common Schools 615
"Study and Teaching of 298
"The Study of 527
Birds, Destruction of, by Telegraph-Wires 766
"Destruction of, in the United States 636
Bond, Thomas, Laws of Health 198
Books noticed:
"Talks about Labor" (Larned) 108
"Sound" (Blaserna) 240
"Races of Man" (Peschel) 241
"Geology of Ohio" (Newberry) 242
"Vertebrates of Northern United States" (Jordan) 243
"Centennial Situation of Woman" (Bullock) 243
"Kinematics of Machinery" (Reuleaux) 244
"Ethics of Spinoza" 244
"Comparative Zoology" (Orton) 245
"What Young People should know" (Wilder) 245
"Practical Botany" (Koehler) 246
"Theory of Medical Science" (Dunham) 246
"California Notes" (Turrill) 246
"Elements of Physical Manipulation" (Pickering) 246
"Knight's Mechanical Dictionary" 372
"Elementary Practical Physiology" (Foster) 373
"The Religion of Evolution" (Savage) 373
"Public Libraries in the United States" 374
"Theory of Color" (Von Bezold) 375
"Chemia Coartata" (Kollmeyer) 375
"Building Construction" 375
"St. Louis Public Schools" 375
"Prehistoric Remains at Cincinnati" (Clarke) 376
"The Greenstones of New Hampshire" (Hawes) 376
"Filth-Diseases" (Simon) 376
"Fifty Years of my Life" (Albemarle) 376
"Massachusetts Health Report" 376
"Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Sciences" 377
"Physics" (Arnott) 500
"Physical Fatalism" (Birks) 501
"Winds of Doctrine" (Elam) 502
"Inventional Geometry" (Spencer) 502
"Geographical Distribution of Animals" (Wallace) 504
"Inclusions in Gems" (Lea) 505
"Essays on Mind, Matter," etc. (Townsend) 505
"Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia" (Ruschenberger) 506
"Dinychthys" (Newberry) 506
Textile Colorist 507
"Mechanics" (Rossiter) 377
"Fragments of Science" (Tyndall) 621
"Technological Dictionary" (Tolhausen) 621
"Principia" (Wright) 622
"The Problem of Problems" (Braden) 623
"Aerial Navigation" (Mansfield) 623
"Idioms spoken in the Southwest" (Gatschet) 624
"Land-Birds of New England" (Minot) 624
"The Andes and the Amazon" (Orton) 625
"Science Lectures" 625
"Practical Cookery" (Henderson) 626
"Elementary Biology" (Huxley and Martin) 626
"Recent Advances in Science" (Tait) 627
"Essays in Literary Criticism" (Hutton) 627
"Life-History of our Planet" (Gunning) 628
American Library Journal 628
"Report of an Exploring Expedition" (Newberry) 629
"Forest-Culture" (Cooper) 629
"Vaccination" (Chapman) 629
"Rules for Dictionary Catalogue" (Cutter) 629
"Popular Health Almanac" 630
"Fonakigrafik Teacher" (Smith) 630
"Matter and Force" (Macomber) 630
"Surface-Drainage" (Folsom) 630
"Essential Piety of Modern Science" (Chadwick) 630
"Notes on Life-Insurance" (Smith) 751
"Functions of the Brain" (Ferrier) 752
"Carlyle Anthology" (Barrett) 753
"New Encyclopædia of Chemistry" 753
"Archology" (Blakeslee) 753
"Plains of the Great West" (Dodge) 754
"Applications of Physical Forces" Guillemin) 754
"Bench and Bar of Saratoga County" (Mann) 755
"Art of Projecting" (Dolbear) 756
"Text-Book of Physiology" (Foster) 756
"Fleets of the World" (Parker) 756
Brandy, Cognac 428
British Arctic Expedition 379

Calculi, Intestinal, in Horses 760
Canine Sagacity 202
Canniff, W., Communication from 742
Cañons of the Colorado 252
Caoutchouc-yielding Trees 126
Carlyle and the Darwins 362
Cephalization 632
Chamberlain, C, Life in Lapland 450
Chemistry, The Science vs. the Art 691
Clarke, S. W., Laboratory Endowment 729
Clothing and Air 654
Coal and Iron in Alabama 637
Coal-Mines, Fires in 763
Coca, its Physiological Action 127
Coca, its Physiological Action 251
Cognac Brandy, Production of 428
Cold in the Head, Remedy for 117
Cold, Meats cooked by 125
"Cold Waves," Movements of 124
College Exploring Expeditions 249
Colorado, Insects and Flowers in 743
Combat with an Infective Atmosphere 641
Commercial Manias 371
Compressed-Air Locomotive. (Illustrated.) 473
"Conflict of Science and Religion," The So-called 72
Constancy of Motion 225
Cooke, Prof. J. P., Jr., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 491
Cooking-Utensils, Poisonous 252
Cooling the Air in Buildings 113
Copernican Theory, Evolution and the 236
Copyright, International 746
Crane, T. S., Ball-Paradox 725
Crookes, William, his Scientific Labors. (Portrait.) 739

Daly, Charles P., Geographical Research in 1876 553
Dana on Cephalization 632
Darwins, Carlyle and the 362
Dawson, J. W., The Conflict of Science and Religion 72
Deep-Sea Bottom Deposits 378
Deodorization of Petroleum-Products 251
Development, Difficulties of, as applied to Man 60
"Hypothesis, is it sufficient? 86
Diatoms, are they absorbed by Plants? 254
Disinfectant, Sulphurous Acid as a 762
Distance and Dimensions of the Sun. (Illustrated.) 402
Distribution of Plain, Prairie, and Forest 247
Draper, J. W., Science in America 313
Draper's Book at Rome 106

Earlier Forms of Life. (Illustrated.) 257
Early History of Fire. (Illustrated.) 17
"Man of North America 582
Earth, The, how it was regarded in Old Times. (Illustrated.) 542
"The, how it was explored in 1876 553
Eccentricity in Wood-Growth 379
Education, Bain on 620
"in Massachusetts 635
"Science 418
"Science 513
"Scientific, Prof. Martin on 368
Edward, Thomas, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 594
Edward, Thomas, his Biography 751
Electrical Phenomena of Dionæa muscipula 247
Electricity, Development of, by Light 510
"Effects of 121
Electric Light, its Economy 763
Elephant, Voice of the 766
Entomological Specimens, Preservation of 125
Eucalyptus as an Anti-Periodic 249
Evolution and the Copernican Theory 236
Evolution of the Horse 118
Evolution, What American Zoologists have done for 1
Evolution, What American Zoologists have done for 181

Farquharson, R., Mental Overwork 326
Fermentation and Disease 129
Fermentation and Putrefaction 742
Fight between a Trout and a Water-Snake 234
Fire, Early History of. (Illustrated.) 17
Fires in Coal-Mines 763
First Popular Scientific Treatise 718
Fish, A Rapacious 760
Florida Cockroach 759
Flounders, Asymmetry of the Eyes in 636
Flowers, Insects, etc., in Colorado 361
Foray of Ants 117
Forestry Association, American 251
Formation of Raindrops and Hailstones. (Illustrated.) 522
French Association, The 115
Fruits, Abnormal 761

Galileo, Trial of 385
Gallium 638
Gariel, C. M., Compressed-Air Locomotive 473
Gas Manufacture and Gas Companies 478
Geikie, Prof., Field-Geologist's Accoutrement 708
Geological Congress, International 381
Geology, How they teach, in Rome 120
Geographical Society, The American 508
"Getting right on the Record" 102
"Getting right on the Record" 363
Glacial Theory, Supplement to the 112
Glen Roy, Parallel Roads of. (Illustrated.) 309
Gorilla, The Berlin 511
Grote, A. R., Early Man in North America 582
Grote on the Peopling of America 764

Habit, Transmission of 380
Hailstones, Formation of. (Illustrated.) 522
Health, The Laws of 198
Heart's Action, Experiments on 248
Hell-Gate Explosion 105
Hitchcock, C. H., Earlier Forms of Life 257
Horse, Prof. Huxley on the 369
Horses, Intestinal Calculi in 760
How to reach the Pole 508
Huxley's Lectures. (Illustrated.) 43
Huxley's Lectures. (Illustrated.) 103
Huxley's Lectures. (Illustrated.) 207
Huxley's Lectures. (Illustrated.) 285
Huxley, Biology 527
"Prof., on the Horse 369
Hygrometers 509
Hypnotism, Phenomena of 758

Ice Age in Great Britain 118
Ice, Plasticity of 637
Ice, Preservation of 764
Iles, George, Constancy of Motion 225
Illinois (Southern) Academy of Science 763
Inequality of the Ocean-Bed 250
Infantile Culture 38
Insect Fertilization of Plants 380
Insects and Flowers in Colorado 361
"in Colorado 612
International Copyright 746
Intestinal Calculi in Horses 760
Invertebrate Brain, Nature of. (Illustrated.) 27
Iron Manufacture, Improvements in 249
Iron, Preservation of, against Rust 765
Is the Development Hypothesis sufficient? 86
Is the Moon a Dead Planet? 568

Japanese Metallurgy 115
Joly, Prof. N., History of Fire 17
Journeyings and Dispersal of Animals 576

Kauri Pine 123

Laboratory Endowment 729
Langley, S. P., First Popular Scientific Treatise 718
Lapland, Nature and Life in 450
Laws of Health, The 198
Lectures of Prof. Huxley 103
Lewis E., Long Island Coast 434
Life, The Earlier Forms of. (Illustrated.) 257
Light, Electricity developed by 510
Lightning, Effects of, on Trees 120
Protection of Buildings from 154
"in a Telegraph-Office 511
Lily, Audubon's, rediscovered 675
Lockwood, Samuel, Audubon's Lily 675
Locomotive, Compressed-Air. (Illustrated.) 473
Locust-Plague, Efforts to stop the 380
Long Island Coast, Ups and Downs of. (Illustrated.) 434

McCosh, Dr. James, The Development Hypothesis 86
Man, Early, in North America 582
"Paleolithic 250
"The Races of 508
Manias, Commercial 371
Marey's Experiments on the Heart's Action 248
Marriage, Primitive Theories of 272
Marsh, Prof., and his work 122
Martin, H. N, Biology 298
"on Scientific Education 368
Mathematical Controversy 744
Maudsley, H., The Medical Profession 330
Maxwell, Prof. J. Clerk, Protection from Lightning 154
Mayer, Prof. A. M., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 230
Meat and Eggs, Dietetic Value of 381
Meats cooked by Cold 125
Mechanical Tools. (Illustrated.) 173
Medical Profession in Modern Thought 330
"Students, Qualifications of 382
Meehan, Thomas, Communication from 102
Meehan, T., Insects, etc 743
Menopoma, how it casts its Skin 252
Mental Overwork 326
"Physiology, A Case in 235
Merriman, C. C, World-Creations 701
Meteorites, how regarded in Former Times 634
Meteorological 759
Meteor-Shower in October 253
Mézières, A., Trial of Galileo 385
Mind, Annihilation of the 715
Mind-Reading 459
Monkey Astuteness 254
Monkeys, Sexual Selection among the 379
Moon, The, is it a Dead Planet? 568
Moon's Influence on the Weather 56
Mormonism 156
Morse, E. S., American Zoölogists and Evolution 1
Morse, E. S., American Zoölogists and Evolution 181
Morse's Lectures 619
Motion, The Constancy of 225

Nature and Life in Lapland 450
Nature of the Invertebrate Brain. (Illustrated.) 27
Nature, The Order of the 748
Nickel-Ores in New Caledonia 120
Nitrogen, Absorption of, by Plants 510
Northerly Winds of California 119
Notes 127
Notes 255
Notes 383
Notes 512
Notes 639
Notes 767
Numerals, Arabic, their Origin. (Illustrated.) 736

Ocean-Bed, Inequality of the 250
Order of Nature 748
Origin of the Arabic Numerals. (Illustrated.) 736
Overwork, Mental 326
Ozone-Generator 114

Paleolithic Man 250
Parallel Roads of Glen Roy. (Illustrated.) 309
Pavements, Wooden 118
Petroleum Products, Deodorization of 251
Pet Snakes 119
Pettenkofer, Max von, Air and Clothing 654
Philanthropic Fanaticism and Science 363
Phylloxera, The, and American Vine-Stocks 511
Physical Science in English Schools 23
Physiological Action of Coca 251
Physiology of Mind-Reading 459
Picus Viridis, The Tongue of 113
Plain, Prairie, and Forest 247
Plant-Eaters of North America. (Illustrated.) 678
Plants, Insect Fertilization of 380
"Taking Impressions of 254
Plasticity of Ice 637
Pole, How to reach the 508
Political Economy in the United States 360
Potassa, Qualitative Determination of 762
Potatoes, Influence of Color of Soil on 635
Powder-Paper 253
Prairies, Origin of 633
Prenatal and Infantile Culture 38
Prestel, M. A. F., The Moon's Influence on the Weather 56
Proctor, R. A., Astronomical Achievement 446
""Astronomy in America 75
Production of Cognac Brandy 428
Protection of Buildings from Lightning 154
Psychic Phenomena 758
Putrefaction and Fermentation 126
Putrescible Fluids, Experiments with 758

Qua, D. V. T., Arabic Numerals 736
Qualifications of Medical Students 382

Races of Man 508
Radiometer, Note on the 113
Railway-Signal, An Improved 253
Railways, Inspecting, by Machinery 126
Raindrops, Formation of. (Illustrated.) 522
Relations of the Air to our Clothing 654
Remsen, Ira, Chemistry 691
Respirator, A New 122
Rigg, Rev. A., Tools 173
Rock-Crystals, Gathering of 383
Russel, C. P., Vital Statistics 697
Rust, Prevention of 765

Sagacity, Canine 202
Sanitary Fact, An Important 123
Savage Races, Decline of 765
Schumacher, P., Aboriginal Settlements 353
Science and Religion 72
"in America 313
""English Schools 23
""the United States 115
"and Ventilation 760
Science vs. Art of Chemistry 691
"Philanthropic Fanaticism and 363
"The Diffusion of 497
Scientific Education, Prof. Martin on 368
Seed-Production in the Sugar-Beet 122
Séguin, Dr. E., Prenatal and Infantile Culture 38
Selenium, Action of Light on 116
Settlements, Aboriginal, of the Pacific Coast. (Illustrated.) 353
Sewage Utilization 123
Sexual Selection among the Monkeys 379
Sharks 348
Shells from Colorado 248
Signal, An Improved, for Railroads 253
Simmons, W. E., Gas-Manufacture 478
Size of the Principal Telescopes in the World 574
Smith, Adam, Honor to 496
Societies for the Diffusion of Science 497
Soil, Color of, its Influence 635
Solar Distillery 758
Some Questions answered 616
Spencer, Herbert, Primitive Marriage 272
Spencer's Classification of Sciences 609
Spider, A Fishing 762
Spontaneous Generation 757
Statistics, Vital 697
Steam, Economy in Use of 382
Struggle for Existence 382
Studies of an Engineer 509
Study and Teaching of Biology 298
Study of Biology 527
Sugar-Beet, Seed-Production in 122
Sulphurous Acid as a Disinfectant 762
Summer School of Natural History 766
Sun, Distance and Dimensions of the. (Illustrated.) 402
Supplement to the Glacial Theory 112

Talking by Telegraph 507
Telescopes, Size of the Principal 574
Tenney, S., Plant-Eaters 678
Theories of Primitive Marriage 272
Thomson, Sir W., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 357
Tomato-Plant, The, as a Protection against Insects 250
Tools, Mechanical. (Illustrated.) 173
Transfusion of Blood 761
Transmission of Habit 380
Trial of Galileo 385
Trowbridge, J., Annihilation of the Mind 715
Tyndall and Roberts on Abiogenesis 757
Tyndall, John, Fermentation 129
""Infective Atmosphere 641
""Glen Roy 309
Ups and Downs of the Long Island Coast. (Illustrated.) 434

Ventilation, Science and 760
Venus's Fly-Trap, Electrical Phenomena of 247
Vesuvius, Threatened Eruption of 763
Vines, American, and the Phylloxera 511
Vital Statistics 697
Vivisection, Legislation about 125

Wallace, A. R., Difficulties of Development 60
Water-Snake and Trout, Fight between 234
Water-Tanks 124
Weapons, Ancient 254
Weather, The Moon's Influence on the 56
Wedderburn, D., Mormonism 156
Winds, Northerly, of California 119
Wood-Ants, Habits of 634
Wood-Growth, Eccentricity in 379
Wood Pavements 118
World-Creations 701

Young, C. A., The Sun 402