Popular Science Monthly/Volume 9/Index

I N D E X.

Abbott, C. C, Phases of Bird-Life 343
"Academy," The, for Americans 111
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia 747
Accidental Variation 750
Adder, Cunning of the 251
Adler, Felix, Hebrew Religion 589
Air, The, in Courts of Justice 756
Air-Bags for raising Ships 632
Air-Germs and Spontaneous Generation. (Illustrated.) 91
Amber, Dredging for 121
American Association at Buffalo 755
American Colleges vs. American Science 467
Amphibious Fishes. (Illustrated.) 546
Anæsthesia, Discovery of 506
Ancient American Civilization 118
Ancients, Backwardness of the, in Natural Science 438
Animal Powers of Offense and Defense 355
Animals, Conscience in 80
Antelope, The American 378
Antiseptic Properties of Thymol 381
Ants, Habits of 252
Apotheosis of Steam 430
Argentine Republic, Science in the 463
Army-Worm Moth 380
Arsenic, Detection of 637
Astronomy, Origin of 124
Aurora, Cause of the 638
Automatic Light-Register 122
Awards at the International Exhibition 69
Axes and Hatchets. (Illustrated.) 186

Babyhood, Lingual Development in 129
Backwardness of the Ancients in Natural Science 438
Bain, Alexander, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 360
Bastian, H. Charlton, Organisms and their Media 215
""The Invertebrate Brain 702
Bats. (Illustrated.) 523
Battle-Axe, A Stone 612
Beadle, J. H., Social Experiments in Utah 479
Bedding in Sleeping-Cars 764
Beer, Condensed 379
Bernstein J., Observing Interior of the Eye 684
Bigotry in Scientific Controversy 324
Bird-Life, Certain Phases of 343
Birds, Timidity of 637
Blanchard, E., Voice in Man and Animals 385
Blanchard, E., Voice in Man and Animals 513
Blasius's Theory of Storms. (Illustrated.) 294
Books noticed:
"The Unseen World" (Fiske) 112
"History of Natural Science" 114
"Diseases of Modern Life" (Richardson) 114
"Floral Decorations" (Hassard) 115
"Memoir of Caroline Herschel" 115
"Analytical Processes" (Gill) 115
"Map of Indian Territory" (Ruffner) 116
"Polytechnic Review" 116
"Fermentation" (Schutzenberger) 245
"Memoir of Count Rumford" (Ellis) 246
"Rumford's Complete Works" 246
"Life-Histories of Birds" (Gentry) 247
"Report of Trustees of the Harvard Zoölogical Museum" 247
"Physiology of the Circulation in Plants" (Pettigrew) 247
"Recent Advances in Physical Science" (Tait) 248
"Through and Through the Tropics" (Vincent) 248
"Early Literature of Chemistry" (Bolton) 248
"Diseases of the Nervous System" (Hammond) 249
"Painters' Magazine" 249
"Magnetism and Electricity" (Guthrie) 249
"Notes on Building Construction" 249
"Legal Chemistry" (Naquet) 249
"Principal Characters of the Dinocerata" (Marsh) 249
"The Ancient Régime" (Taine) 369
"The Warfare of Science" (White) 370
"Die 100-jährige Republik" (Becker) 371
"French Political Leaders" 371
"History of the United States" (Doyle) 371
"The Childhood of Religions" (Clodd) 372
"Physical Basis of Immortality" (Blackwell) 372
"William Whewell" (Todhunter) 372
"The Christ of Paul" (Reber) 373
"Meteorology and Health" (Blasius) 373
"Lessons from Nature" (Mivart) 373
"Encyclopædia of Chemistry" 374
"Angola and the Congo" (Monteiro) 374
"Roads, Streets, and Pavements" (Gillmore) 375
"Topographical Survey of New York" (Gardner) 375
"The American State and Statesmen" (Dix) 375
"The Bible and Science" (Weiss) 375
"The Yucca-Borer" (Riley) 375
"Electrical Measurement" (Day) 376
"The Johns Hopkins University" 376
"Prehistoric Man" (Wilson) 500
"The Wages Question" (Walker) 501
"Record of Science for 1875" (Baird) 502
"Manual of the Apiary" (Cook) 502
"Standard Facts and Figures" (Sullivan) 502
"Proceedings of the Poughkeepsie Society of Natural Science" 502
"Man" (Nemo) 503
"Changes in a Nebula" (Holden) 503
"Public-School Question" 503
"Survey of the Territories" 503
"Memoirs of the Peabody Academy of Science" 503
"Bulletin of the Survey of the Territories" 503
"Natural History of Kerguelen Island" (Kidder) 504
"Eozoön Canadense" (Dawson) 504
"Bulletin of the United States National Museum" 504
"Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science" 504
"The Historical Jesus of Nazareth" (Schlesinger) 504
"Bulletin of the Bussy Institution" 504
"Manual of the Vertebrates of the Northern United States" (Jordan) 504
"Condensed Classics" 504
"Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club" 505
"American Catholic Quarterly Review" 505
"Geometrical Chemistry" (Wurtz) 613
"American Cyclopædia" 622
"Darwiniana" (Gray) 624
"Transcendentalism" (Frothingham) 627
"Life of Macaulay" (Trevelyan) 627
"Logic of Chance" (Venn) 628
"Survey of Colorado" (Hayden) 628
"Village Communities" (Maine) 629
"Penn Monthly" 629
"The Five Senses of Man" (Bernstein) 758
"Similarities of Physical and Religious Knowledge" (Bixby) 759
"Scientific Bases of Faith" (Murphy) 759
"Hay-Fever" (Beard) 760
"Hygiene of the United States Army" (Billings) 760
"Report on the Insects of Missouri" (Riley) 761
"Geological Agency of Lateral Pressure" (Niles) 761
"Geographical Variation in Mammals" (Allen) 761
"Kansas Horticultural Society" 761
"The Constants of Nature" (Clarke) 762
"Archivos do Museu Nacional" 762
Boring-Moth from Florida 494
Boyd, David, Science and the Logicians 224
Brain, The Invertebrate 702
Brain-Weight and Mental Power 254
Buckland, Frank, Natural Trumpet of the Crane 137
Buffalo, Destruction of the 377

Cameron, Lieutenant, his Explorations 381
Cause of the Aurora 638
Centennial Exhibition, New Departure at the 106
Certain Phases of Bird-Life 343
Challenger, Cruise of the 630
Channing, W. F., Organized Homesteads 733
Character and Work of Liebig 49
Chromis Pater-Familias. (Illustrated.) 322
Circulation, Oceanic 506
Clarke, F. C., Hypnotism 211
Clarke, F. W., Colleges and Science 467
Climatology of New Zealand 119
Clothing the Young 122
Coal in Pennsylvania 507
Coal-Gas as Fuel 635
Cochineal Cactus, Culture of the 636
Cold of the Ice-Period, Causes of 280
Cold, Effects of, on Milk 635
Colleges, American, vs. American Science 467
Color, The Constants of. (Illustrated.) 641
Concrete Construction 509
Condensed Beer 379
"Conflict," The, and the "Warfare" 757
Congress of German Anthropologists 120
Conrad, V. L., Blasius's Theory of Storms 294
Conscience in Animals 80
Cornwall, Prof. H. B., Petroleum 140
Crane, Natural Trumpet of the. (Illustrated.) 137
Criminal Justice in 1876 498
Crocodile, Habitat of the 124
Crookes, W., Mechanical Action of Light 257
Cunning of the Adder 251

Dallinger, Rev. W. H., Spontaneous Generation 448
Daly, C. P., Geographical Progress 37
Daly, Judge, his Address 108
Deems, Rev. C. F., Science and Religion 239
Destruction of the Buffalo 377
Diamond-Fields of South Africa 378
Distances, Measuring, by Sound 251
Dreams, Philosophy of 766
Dredging for Amber 121
Drunkard, Body-Temperature of the 507
Dry Thunder-Storms 765

Early Western Explorers 493
Electricity, Lessons in. (Illustrated.) 30
Electricity, Lessons in. (Illustrated.) 158
Electricity, Lessons in. (Illustrated.) 331
English Philosophy in Germany 243
Eucalypti as Timber-Trees 509
Evolution, Mathematics in 202
Experiments on Hypnotism 211
Exploration of Victoria Cave 125
Eye, Observing Interior of the. (Illustrated.) 684

Fattening Oysters 637
Fauna, Winter, of Mount Marcy 509
Fight between Mouse and Scorpion 377
Fishes, Amphibious. (Illustrated.) 546
"Night-Habits of 632
Fishing for Glass Sponges 120
Fitting Recognition of American Science 290
Flint, Dr. Austin, Jr., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 103
Foliage, Periodic Movements of 634
Forestry 632
Forests, Underground, in Thames Valley 255
Formation of Lakes 539
""Mountain-Chains 253
Fossils, Recently-Discovered 631

Geographical Progress, Recent 37
Geography, Modern Scientific. (Illustrated.) 713
Germination, Temperature of 121
Glacial Phenomena 381
Glaciers, The Polar 178
Glass Sponges, Fishing for 120
Granite, A Mountain of 123
Grasshoppers, The Western 749

Halstead, Byron D., Moulds 398
Hamilton on Social Science 619
Hamilton, R. S., Present Status of Social Science 602
Hammers and Percussion. (Illustrated.) 11
Heat, The New Philosophy of 363
Hebrew Religion, Evolution of 589
Herschel Caroline L. II 58
Hints for the Sick-Room 173
Hittell, J. S., Apotheosis of Steam 430
Holland, Major, Myriapods 570
Homesteads and Households, Organized 733
Hospitals and Pauperism 738
Houses for the Industrious Poor 508
Houses, New, Unhealthiness of 117
Huxley, J. H., Species 409
Huxley's Lectures 499
Huxley's Lectures 621
Hypnotism, Experiments on 211
"Spontaneous 633

Ice, Streams dammed by Drift 379
Iles, G., Mathematics in Evolution 202
Industrial Applications of Solar Heat 550
Infants, Medication of 255
Ingersoll, Ernest, Mollusks of the Rocky Mountains 43
Insect Parasites in Trout-Ponds 763

Justice, Criminal, in 1876 498

Klein, H. J., Scientific Geography 713

Lakes, Formation of 539
Lessons in Electricity. (Illustrated.) 30
Lessons in Electricity. (Illustrated.) 158
Lessons in Electricity. (Illustrated.) 331
Lettuce for Silkworms 121
Lewes, G. H., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 743
Liebig, his Character and Work 49
"Statue to 618
Light, Mechanical Action of. (Illustrated.) 257
"Colored, Treatment of Lunatics with 634
Light-Registering Machine 122
Lingual Development in Babyhood 129
Littrow, Carl von, Backwardness of the Ancients in Science 438
Loan Exhibition in London 510
Local Distribution of Plants 676
Locust of the Rocky Mountains 377
Locusts in Africa 766
Lortet, The Chromis Pater-Familias 322
Loss of Self-Control in Battle 507
Lubbock on the Habits of Ants 252
Lunatics, Treatment of, with Colored Light 634

Malaria 416
Marsh-Water as a Vehicle of Ague-Poison 764
Mathematics in Evolution 202
Mayer, Prof., on Sound 633
McCosh, Dr. J., The Supernatural 21
Measuring Distances by Sound 251
Meat, Methods of preserving 125
Mechanical Action of Light. (Illustrated.) 257
Medals, The Rumford 244
Medication of Infants 255
Mello, Rev. J. M., Rock-Structure 426
Menopoma Alleghaniense 763
Merriman, C. C, Polar Glaciers 178
Meteorites, Source and Composition of 382
Mississippi River, how it wears away its Banks 380
Mivart, St. George, What are Bats? 523
Modern Scientific Geography. (Illustrated.) 713
Mollusks of the Rocky Mountains 43
Money, Paper, French Experiments with 615
Monstrosities, Cause of 123
Moth, A, that bores for its Food 250
Moulds, Our Common. (Illustrated.) 398
Mound-Builders, A Relic of the 510
Mountain-Chains, Formation of 253
Mount Marcy, Winter Fauna of 509
Musical Tones, Perception of 382
Myriapods. (Illustrated.) 570

Natural History in New Guinea 767
Natural Trumpet of the Crane. (Illustrated.) 137
Naturalist, A Neglected 764
Nature of Invertebrate Brain. (Illustrated.) 702
New Guinea, People of 507
New Houses, Unhealthiness of 117
New Zealand, Climatology of 119
Newberry, J. S., Cold of Ice Period 280
Newberry, Prof. J. S., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 490
Notes 126
Notes 255
Notes 383
Notes 511
Notes 639
Notes 767

Observing Interior of Eye. (Illustrated.) 684
Oceanic Circulation 506
Odling, William, The Revived Theory of Phlogiston 560
Ordeals and Oaths 307
Organisms and their Media 215
Organized Homesteads and Households 733
Ostrich-Farming 636
Oysters, Fattening 637

Paper-Money, French Experiments with 615
Pauperism and Hospitals 738
Pennsylvania Coal 507
Periodic Movements of Foliage 634
Petroleum 140
Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences 506
Philosophy, English, in Germany 243
"of Dreams 766
Phlogiston, The Revived Theory of 560
Pig, The Prehistoric 631
Plants, Fertilization of 765
"Local Distribution of 676
Polar Glaciers, The 178
Predatory and Industrial Societies 718
Prehistoric Relics at the Centennial Exhibition 508
Prepossessions regarding the Supernatural 21
Preservation of Zoölogical Specimens 254
Probable Age of the World 649
Promotion of Science 494
Putrid Blood, Toxic Action of 635

Radiometer, The 364
Rattlesnakes and their Bites 123
Recent Advances in Telegraphy. (Illustrated.) 71
Recent Geographical Progress 37
Relic of Mound-Builders 510
Religion, What constitutes 239
"Hebrew, Evolution of 589
"and Science as Allies 690
Rigg, Rev. A., Axes, Hammers, etc. 11
Rigg, Rev. A., Axes, Hammers, etc. 186
Riordan, R., Recent Advances in Telegraphy 71
Roberts, Dr., on Spontaneous Generation 638
Rock-Structure. (Illustrated.) 426
Rogers, Prof. William B., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 606
Romanes, G. J., Conscience in Animals 80
Rood, O. N., Constants of Color 641
Root-Hairs of Plants 765
Rücker, Prof., Soap-Bubbles 575
Rumford, Count, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 231
Rumford Medals, The 244
Russel, Dr. C. P., Malaria 416
Russell, I., "Uncertainty and Vanity of Science" 351
Russell, I. C, Formation of Lakes 539

Salt Lake, Ancient Condition of 633
Sauvage, E., Amphibious Fishes 546
Schutzenberger, P., Air-Germs and Spontaneous Generation 91
Science and the Logicians 224
"in the Argentine Republic 463
"and Religion as Allies 690
"The Promotion of 494
"Social, its Present Status 602
"Teaching for the Young 119
Scorpion and Mouse, Fight between 377
Sea-Soundings without a Line 253
Ships, Air-Bags for raising 632
Shooting-Stars 637
Sick-Room, Hints for the 173
Silica, Appropriation of, by Plants 631
Silkworms, Lettuce for 121
Simonin, Louis, Industrial Applications of Solar Heat 550
Soap-Bubbles 575
Social Experiments in Utah 479
"Science, Present Status of 602
""Hamilton on 619
Societies, Predatory and Industrial 718
Society an Organism 1
Solar Heat, Industrial Applications of 550
Sound, Prof. Mayer on 633
"Measuring Distances by 251
"The Controversy about 751
Sounds produced by blowing into Flame 125
South-African Diamond-Fields 378
South Carolina, Subterranean Streams in 197
Species 409
"Transformation of 122
Spencer, Herbert, Society an Organism 1
""Predatory and Industrial Societies 718
Spider, A Sound-Producing 383
Spontaneous Generation, Air-Germs and. (Illustrated.) 91
Spontaneous Generation, Air-Germs and. (Illustrated.) 448
Spontaneous Generation, Air-Germs and. (Illustrated.) 638
"Hypnotism 633
Steam, Apotheosis of 430
Stone Battle-Axe 612
Stonehenge, Who erected 750
Storms, Blasius's Theory of. (Illustrated.) 294
Strain, Effects of, on Magnetism of Soft Iron 124
Streams, Damming of, by Ice 379
Subterranean Streams in South Carolina 197
Suez Canal, its Present Condition 508
Sulphide of Carbon as an Insecticide 767
Sunday and the Centennial Exhibition 364
Supernatural, Prepossessions for and against the 21

Taine, Hippolyte, Lingual Development in Babyhood 129
Tanning Process, A New 118
Telegraphy, Recent Advances in. (Illustrated.) 71
Temperature of Germination 121
Thompson, Benjamin, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 231
Thomson, Wyville, on Oceanic Circulation 506
Thudichum, Dr. J. L. W., Character of Liebig 49
Thunder-Storms, Dry 765
Thymol, its Antiseptic Properties 381
Trades, Unhealthy 634
Transformation of Species 122
Trumpet of the Crane. (Illustrated.) 137
Tylor, Ordeals and Oaths 307
Tyndall, Prof. John, Lessons in Electricity 30
Tyndall, Prof. John, Lessons in Electricity 158
Tyndall, Prof. John, Lessons in Electricity 331

"Uncertainty and Vanity of Science" 351
Unhealthy Trades 634
Utah, Social Experiments in 479

Variation, Accidental 750
Vegetarianism 118
Victoria Cave, Exploration of 125
Vivisection in England 382
Voice in Man and Animals 385
Voice in Man and Animals 513

Ward, L. F., Local Distribution of Plants 676
Water-Hammer 362
Weddas of Ceylon 120
What are Species? 409
What constitutes Religion? 239
Wheeler, C. G., Science in Argentine Republic 463
Who shall study the Babies? 241
Wilson, Rev. Robert 197
World, Probable Age of the 649
Wylie, W. Gill, Hospitals and Pauperism 738

Youmans, Eliza A., Caroline Herschel 58

Zoölogical Specimens, Preservation of 254