Popular Science Monthly/Volume 17/Index

I N D E X.

Adipose, The Impediment of 60
Affection, Animal 406
Africa, Prehistoric 287
African Tribe, A New 862
Albro, W. P., Letter from 121
Algæ, Relation of, to the Phanerogams 714
Algebras, Spaces, Logics 516
Algerian Sahara, Fertilization of the 138
Allen, Professor Grant 495
Allen, Professor Grant 650
Amherst College and Evolution 120
Amherst College, Evolution in 405
Anaesthetic, A New 424
Ancient Race, Relics of, in Eastern New York 286
Animal Development, The Rate of 254
Animals, and the Faculty of Direction 692
Animals, Legal Prosecutions of 619
Anthony, Professor W. A. 831
Ant, The Cutting 717
Ants, Slave-making 424
Artesian Wells on our Western Plains 428
Asphalt and Amber in the Mud of New Jersey 718
Association, American Scientific 693
Automatism in Portrait-Painting 140

Bacteria, Diffusion of 860
Barker, George F., Modern Aspects of the Life-Question 750
Barnard, W. S., Zoölogical Education 666
Bee, Lessons from the Tongue of the 422
Bell, Alexander Graham 813
Beer, About 280
Bellesme, M. J. de, How Insects direct their Flight 114
Berghaus, Dr. A., The Medicinal Leech 478
Birds, Æsthetic Feeling in 650
Birds, Notes on a Few of our 386
Blake, E. Vale, The Impediment of Adipose 60
Bolas, Thomas 802
Bookbinding, Deterioration of, by Illuminating Gas 143
Books noticed:
"England: Her People, Polity, and Pursuits" (Escott) 126
"The Interoceanic Canal and the Monroe Doctrine" 127
"Free Ships" (Codman) 127
"Labor-Making Machinery" (Powers) 127
"Action of the United States Tariff" (Tylor) 127
"Report of the Department of Public Works of the City of New-York" 129
"The Theosophist" 130
"Report of Harvard College Observatory" 131
"History of the English Language" (Lounsbury) 131
"The Mound-Builders" (McLean) 131
"Insect Lives" (Ballard) 131
"Eyesight" (Carter) 132
"Perception of Space and Matter" (Walter) 132
"The Metaphysics of the School" (Harper) 132
"Vocal Physiology and Hygiene" (Holmes) 133
"Electric Induction" (Gordon) 133
"Therapeutics and Materia Medica" (Semple) 133
"Forensic Medicine and Toxicology" (Hemming) 133
"Aids to Anatomy" (Brown) 133
"Report of the New York Meteorological Observatory for 1878" (Draper) 133
"Water-Color Painting" (Penley) 134
"Protection of Forests a Necessity" (Dorien) 134
"Experiments on Rainfall" (Stockbridge) 134
"Improved Dwellings for the Laboring Classes" 134
"Report on Magnetic Determinations in Missouri in 1879" (Nipher) 134
"Chemical Exercises in Qualitative Analysis" (Rains) 272
"Henry's Contribution to the Electro-Magnetic Telegraph" (Taylor) 272
"History of Political Economy in Europe" (Blanqui) 273
"Nervous Exhaustion" (Beard) 275
"Science Primers: Introductory" (Huxley) 275
"Health and Health Resorts" (Wilson) 276
"Instruction in the Mechanic Arts" (Atkinson) 276
"The Cotton-Worm" (Riley) 276
"Index to the Publications of the United States Naval Observatory" (Holden) 276
"Report on Lands of Arid Region of the United States" (Powell) 276
"Studies in Fermentation" (Pasteur) 277
"Text-book of Physiology" (Foster) 277
"A Forbidden Land" (Oppert) 277
"Geological Survey of Colorado" (Hayden) 278
"Sunshine and Storm in the East" (Brassey) 278
"Preadamites" (Winchell) 410
"Life and Writings of Buckle" (Huth) 412
"Fundamental Concepts of Modern Thought" (Eucken) 413
"Chemistry" (Bloxam) 413
"Pharmacographia" (Fliickiger) 414
"Philosophy of Religion" (Caird) 414
"Watering-Places of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland" (Gutmann) 415
"Life: Its True Genesis" (Wright) 415
"Handbook of Hygiene and Sanitary Science" (Wilson) 416
"Handbook of Double Stars" (Crossley, Gledhill, and Wilson) 416
"Pay Hospitals (Burdett) 416
"Key to Ghostism" (Mitchell) 417
"Common Mind-Troubles" (Mortimer-Granville) 417
"Sanitary Dwelling-Houses" (Oorfield) 417
"Our Homes" (Hartshorne) 417
"Education" (Spencer) 560
"New Departure in Collegiate Control and Culture" (Mills) 563
"The Morals of Evolution" (Savage) 564
"Brain and Mind" (Drayton) 564
"Sea-Sickness" (Beard) 564
"The Throat and its Functions" (Elsberg) 565
"Alva Vine" (Gordon) 565
"Study of Some of the Starches" (Stowell) 565
"Management of Children" (Hale) 565
"Prevention of Disease" (Weist) 565
"Problems of Insanity ,1 (Beard) 565
"New Characters of Mosasauroid Reptiles" (Marsh) 566
"Bulletins of the United States Survey of the Territories" 566
"Guide to Modern English History" (Cory) 566
"Introduction to Study of Sign-Languages among North American Indians" (Mallery) 566
"Camps and Tramps in the Adirondacks" (Northrop) 566
"Report of Wisconsin Geological Survey for 1879" (Chamberlin) 567
"Deutsch-Amerikanische Apotheker-Zeitung" 567
"Silver in Relation to Industry and Trade" (Brown) 567
"Naturhistorische Verein filr Wisconsin 567
"Early Man in Britain" (Dawkins) 697
"Reports of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology" 698
"Taxidermist's Manual" (Brown) 699
"Fugitive Spectra" (Trouvelot) 700
"Proceedings of Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences" 700
"Health and Healthy Homes" (Wilson) 701
"Water Analysis" (Frankland) 701
"Health" (Corfield) 702
"Child's Catechism of Common Things" (Champlin) 702
"Free Land and Free Ships" (Cox) 702
"Sea-Air and Sea-Bathing" (Packard) 702
"Radical Mechanics of Animal Locomotion" (Wainwright) 702
"The Microscope in Medicine" (Beale) 703
"The Field Engineer" (Shunk) 703
"Hygienic and Therapeutic Relations of House-Plants" (Anders) 703
"Fabulous Gods denounced in the Bible" (Hauser) 703
"Practical Keramics" (Janvier) 704
"Tin in Burmah, Siam, and Malacca" (Reyer) 704
"Schiller's Complete Works" (Hempel) 704
"Landsberg's Illustrated Weekly" 704
"Tromso Museums Aarshefter" 704
"The Brain as an Organ of Mind" (Bastian) 846
"Degeneration" (Lankester) 848
"The Obelisk and Freemasonry" (Weisse) 849
"Surveys of Northwestern Lakes" (Comstock) 849
"The Microscopist's Annual" 850
"North American Entomologist" 850
"Haveenoid" (Mott) 850
"The Oriental and Biblical Journal" 850
"The Thousand Islands" (Hough) 850
"Coal-Trade of Pennsylvania" (Sheafer) 851
"American Health Primers" 851
"Memoirs of the Science Department of Tokyo University" 851
"American Journal of Philology" 851
"Report of the Department of Statistics and Geology of Indiana" 852
Boole, George, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 840
Botel Tobago, The Aborigines of 718
Breath, Temperature of the 855
Buchan, J. M., Climate and Complexion 1
Buchan, J. M., Climate and Complexion 279
Buffalo, The, and his Pate 40
Butter-making in Denmark and Sweden 859

Criminal Law, Origin of 121
Carbon Button, The. (Illustrated.) 10
Carlisle, the Lord Bishop of, God and Nature 27
Carpenters, About 233
Carpet-Beetle, The 287
Catskill Mountains, The 568
"Ceremonial Institutions," The London" Times "on 125
Chemical Exercises for Ordinary Schools 522
Chemistry, Industrial Application of Cold in 858
Chemistry, The New, a Development of the Old 393
Child, A. L., Letter from 692
Children, New-born, Hygiene of 715
Children, The Infectious and Contagious Diseases of 249
Chimborazo and its Climbers 714
Chinese Civilization, Origin of 856
Cinchona-Forests, The, of South America 507
Circulation, Changes in the, during Cerebral Activity 303
Clarke, Professor F. W., My Fire 321
Classics, The, that educate us 145
Climate and Character, American 705
Climate and Complexion 1
Climate and Complexion 279
Crayfish for Study 405
Crayfish, The, Where to find 135
Coloring of the Waters in Seas and Lakes 706
Comets of 1843 and 1880, The 714
Coöperation in England 742
Copyright, International, Wilkie Collins on 554
Copyright, Matthew Arnold on 121
Cotton-Worm, Investigation of the
Criticisms corrected 795
Correction, A 692
Correspondence 120
Correspondence 405
Correspondence 552
Correspondence 692
Cumings, Elizabeth 823
Currents, Atmospheric, and Carbonic Acid 421

Daly, Chief Justice, Recent Geographical Exploration 171
Dampness and Diphtheria 281
Damposcope, The 282
Darwin, Francis, Climbing Plants 635
Deformity, Fashion in. (Illustrated.) 721
Delpech, Dr., the Infectious and Contagious Diseases of Children 249
Desert, Central Arabian, Features of the 281
Diamonds, Artificial 259
Diamonds, Artificial, Production of 861
Disease, Water in 854
Distribution of Plants, On the Modes of 365
Diving-Process, Mr. Fleuss's New 575
Dogs, Domestic, Origin of 420
Dog, Thread-Worm of the 860
Dress, in Relation to Health 182
Dust, A Shower of 553
Dust, Atmospheric 344

Earth, The Interior of the 289
Earth, The Interior of the 453
Earthquakes, A Systematic Investigation of 429
Echoes in Buildings 141
Editor's Table 121
Editor's Table 265
Editor's Table 406
Editor's Table 554
Editor's Table 693
Editor's Table 843
Education as an Aid to the Health to Women 823
Electrical Experiment, An, of the Eighteenth Century 422
Electric Light, The, and Vegetation 283
Electric Light, The Jablochkoff, in London 706
Electricity and Agriculture 664
England, Coöperation in 742
Engler, E. A., the Carbon Button 10
Energy, The Availability of 244
Enigma, A Zoölogical 359
Epidemics 425
Equatorial Temperatures 715
Ethics, Scientific, A Vindication of 324
Europe, The Winter in 136
"Evolution admitted, what then?" 409
Explanation, An 571
Exploration, Recent Geographical 171
Explosion, A Remarkable Coal-Mine 429
Eyesight of Readers, The 711

Fairchild, Herman L. 224
Fairchild, Herman L. 600
Farbenlehre, Goethe's 215
Farbenlehre, Goethe's 312
Fashion in Deformity 721
Feet of Chinese Women, Compression of 712
Ferment, A Fossil 138
Fetich-Worship and Witchcraft, African 428
Fison, Lorimer, Views of Primitive Marriage 203
Flower, William Henry, Fashion in Deformity 721
Forests, Silicified, of the Yellowstone Park 570
Fossil Man, The 350

Glass, to pierce, with the Electric Spark 285
Geology and History 495
Geology, Studies in Experimental 200
George, Henry, the Kearney Agitation in California 433
Germs, Destruction of Infectious 828
Goatman, E. A., Letter from 405
Goethe and the Artistic Study of Nature 406
God and Nature 27
Green, Traill, Letter from 552
Griffin, La Eoy F., Animals and the Faculty of Direction 692
Halstead, George B., Algebras, Spaces, Logics 516

Harvard Medical Course, The 716
Harvard, Recent Original Work at 482
Haynes, Henry W., the Fossil Man 350
Health-Cure, The, as a Remedy for Adversity 574
Heat-Engines, Possible Efficiency of 831
Heliograph, Messages by 716
Herbert, Hon. Auberon, State Education: a Help or Hindrance? 585
Hicks, J. D., Letter from 552
Higgs, Dr. Paget, Electricity and Agriculture 664
Hitchcock, J. R. W., Recent Original Work at Harvard 482
Hoffmann, Frederick, Sketch of Friedrich Mohr 402
Horses, Managing, by Electricity 139
How Animals digest. (Illustrated.) 600
How Animals eat 224
Human Race, The Crossing of the 166
Huxley, Professor T. H. 337
Huxley, Professor T. H. 467
Hybrids, Fertility of 858
Hygieopolis, A Chinese 287
Hysteria and Demonism 86
Hysteria and Demonism 155
Hysteria and Demonism 376

Iceland 710
Iles, George, Coöperation in England 742
Illusions and Apparitions 571
India-Rubber Industries 802
Ingersoll, Ernest, the Buffalo and his Fate 40
Intelligence, Animal 287
Insects, Bacteria as Destroyers of 93
Insects, How they direct their Flight 114
Insects in Libraries 286
Insect-Powders as Remedies for Flies and the Aphis 282
Ivins, William M., Comparative Jurisprudence 577

James, Joseph F., on the Modes of Distribution of Plants 365
Japanese, Stature of the 142
Jones, William, Legal Prosecutions of Animals 619
Joy, Professor Charles A., Biographical Sketch of Frederick Wöhler 539
Jurisprudence, Comparative 577
Kearney Agitation, The, in California 433
Kirkwood, Daniel, Letter from 553

Lake Bonneville, Ancient Outlet of 855
Lankester, E. Ray, F. R. S., Bacteria as Destroyers of Insects 93
Law of Mutual Help, The 709
Lee, Professor William, M. D., the Extreme Rarity of Premature Burials 526
Leech, The Medicinal 478
Leidy, Joseph, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) 684
Le Sueur, M. D., a Vindication of Scientific Ethics 324
Life-Question, Modern Aspects of the 750
Light, Production of Sound by 813
Lightning-Conductors, Efficiency of 421
Lights, Rhythmic and Colored, for Lighthouses 427
Literary Notices 126
Literary Notices 272
Literary Notices 410
Literary Notices 560
Literary Notices 697
Literary Notices 846
Literature, Sham Admiration in 48
Lord, W. W., Letter from 120

Man in America 571
Marsh-Odors, The Source of 138
Mauris, Maurice, About Carpenters 233
Maxwell, James Clerk, Sketch of 116
Meat, Diseased, Effects of 572
Medusa, A Fresh-Water 856
Meridian, Carrying a French, into Africa 575
Merrill, Harry 386
Merrill, Harry 692
Metallic Compound, A New 282
Metals, Precious, Production of, in Colorado 287
Meunier, Stanislas, Studies in Experimental Geology. (Illustrated.) 200
Miller, W. D., the Availability of Energy 244
Minot, C. S., Changes of the Circulation during Cerebral Activity 303
Mohr, Friedrich, Sketch of 402
Mollusks, The, Capture among 111
Morphia, Danger of the Hypodermic Use of 425
Mountains, The Highest, of the Earth 859
Muir, M. M. Pattison, the New Chemistry a Development of the Old 393
Murder, Curious Discovery of a 857
My Fire (Poem) 321

Natural Vegetation at San Francisco, Changes in 853
Nature, Mysterious Sounds of 772
Newcomb, Professor Simon, Sketch of Otto Wilhelm Struve 263
Newton, The English Precursors of 669
Newton, The English Precursors of 777
Night-Schools in New York and Paris 681
Nile, Ancient Channels of the 861
Nolan, Edward J 684
Notes 143
Notes 288
Notes 431
Notes 576
Notes 719
Notes 863
Nubian Race, Types of the. (Illustrated.) 512

Olfactory Nerves, Abnormal Action of 692
Origin of Species, The Coming of Age of the 337
Ornithorhynchus, The Australian 769
Oswald, Felix L., a Zological Enigma 359
Osteophone, The 142

Paint, Luminous 707
Payn, James, Sham Admiration in Literature 48
Photophone, The New 845
Plants, Climbing. (Illustrated.) 635
Politics against Political Science 557
Polyscope, The Electrical 110
Popular Miscellany 135
Popular Miscellany 279
Popular Miscellany 419
Popular Miscellany 568
Popular Miscellany 705
Popular Miscellany 853
Precocity a Sign of Inferiority 430
Premature Burials, The Extreme Rarity of 526
Preyer, W., Psychogenesis in the Human Infant 625
Primitive Marriage, Views of 203
Psychogenesis in the Human Infant 625
Publications Received 134
Publications Received 278
Publications Received 418
Publications Received 567
Publications Received 704
Publications Received 852

Quatrefages, A. De, the Crossing of the Human Races 166

Radau, R., The Interior of the Earth 289
Radau, R., The Interior of the Earth 453
Radiation, Freezing of a Lake by 572
Railway, An Electrical 285
Richardson, Dr. Benjamin W., Dress in Relation to Health 182
Richet, Charles, Hysteria and Demonism 86
Richet, Charles, Hysteria and Demonism 155
Richet, Charles, Hysteria and Demonism 376
Rhine, Alice H., Night-Schools in New York and Paris 681
Root-Growth, A Singular 427

Sanitary Problems, The, of New York City 419
Santorin and its Eruptions (M. Fouque's) 534
Saurians, Development of the Limbs of 284
School-Life, Hygienic Conditions of 863
Science not atheistic 124
Science Primers, Misuse of the 269
Science, The Martyrdom of 71
Scientific Meeting, The Boston 843
Sea, The Milky 573
Sewage in College Education 693
Shipman, Paul R., The Classics that educate us 145
Silkworms, Rearing, in England 280
Slater, J. W. 71
Slater, J. W. 254
Snakes and Snake-Poison 284
Sociology and Theology at Yale College 265
Soils as Filters 572
Solar System and its Neighbors, The 612
South America rising or sinking? 708
Sparrow, Observation of the English 552
Spencer, Herbert 795
Springer, Robert 772
Squirrels, Sports in the Colors of 862
State Education: a Help or Hindrance? 585
St. Gothard Tunnel, The 530
Struve, Otto Wilhelm, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) 263
Suicide, A Consideration of 120
Sully, James, the Pleasure of Visual Form 77
Summer Schools of Natural History 279

Tea and Coffee, Physiological Effects of 853
Temperatures in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans 716
Thompson, Daniel G., Letters from 120
Thompson, Daniel G., Letters from 405
Tissandier, Gaston, Atmospheric Dust 344
Tyndall, Professor John, F.R.S., Goethe's Farbenlehre 215
Tyndall, Professor John, F.R.S., Goethe's Farbenlehre 312

Violin, The, its Construction and Perfection 423
Visual Form, Pleasure of 77
Vivisection, What it has done for Man 711
Vocal Cords, Stammering of the 141
Volcano rising from a Lake 713
Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes in 1879 713

Warring, C. B., the Solar System and its Neighbors 612
Watches, A Test for 283
Water, Germs of Disease in 570
Watering-Places, Sanitary Perils at 426
Wellcome, H. S., the Cinchona-Forests of South America 507
Wernich, Dr. A. 828
Wild Silks 137
Wilson, Dr. Andrew, Some Facts and Fictions of Zoölogy 96
Wöhler, Frederick, Biographical Sketch of 539

Youmans, Eliza A., Chemical Exercises for Ordinary Schools 522

Zadig, On the Method of 467
Zanzibar, Climate and Meteorology of 857
Zoölogical Education 666
Zoölogy, Some Facts and Fictions of 96