Popular Science Monthly/Volume 25/Index

I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles C., M.D. 474
Adaptation to Climate 396
Agnosticism, Christian 78
Albinism, A Curious Case of 122
Allen, Grant 50
Allen, Grant 332
Allen, Grant 433
American Association, The 565
American Scientific Association, Meeting of the 698
Andes, The Southern, and Patagonia 574
Animals, Communication with 426
Animals, Man's Right over 759
Anomalies, Human, The Significance of 721
Anthropology, The Study of 605
Antiques, Bogus American 714
Army-Worm, The 718
Astronomers, Longevity of 60
Astronomy, The, of Primitive Peoples 620
Averröes, Sketch of 405

Bandy-legged Children, Glasgow's 400
Barometer, A Crab-Shell 140
Batteries, Storage, in Electric Lighting 143
Beaver, The, and his Works 14
Benedict, George Grenville 696
Benefaction, A Model 268
Berghaus, Dr. A. 396
Birds' Tastes for Color and Music 715
Bolton, Sarah A. C. 123
Book Notices:
"Bacteria" (Magnin and Sternberg) 130
"Flowers and their Pedigrees" (Allen) 131
"Record of Family Faculties" (Galton) 132
"Clavis Rerum." 133
"Bleaching, Dyeing, and Calico-Printing" (Gardner) 133
"Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, 1882, 1883" 134
"A System of Rhetoric" (Bardeen) 135
"Energy in Nature" (Carpenter) 136
"A Defense of Modern Thought" (Le Sueur) 136
"A Plea for the Cure of Rupture" (Warren) 136
"The Topographer" (Haupt) 137
"Insanity in its Medical Relations" (Hammond) 269
"Examination of Herbert Spencer's Philosophy of the Unknowable" (Lacy) 270
"Indiana Geological Reports" (Collett) 271
"Text-Book of Physics" (Daniel) 271
"Relation of Animal Diseases to Public Health" (Billings) 272
"Relations of Mind and Brain" (Calderwood) 273
"The Fertilization of Flowers" (Müller) 274
"The Unity of Nature" (Argyll) 274
"For Mothers and Daughters" (Cook) 274
"The Philosophy of Self-Consciousness" (Fitzgerald) 275
"Hand-Book of Tree-Planting" (Egleston) 275
"Protection to Young Industries" (Taussig) 275
"Federal Taxation" (Barnett) 275
"Kansas City Review" 276
"Canadian Record of Natural History and Geology" (Donald) 276
"Text-Book of Inorganic Chemistry" (Von Richter) 276
"The Past and Present of Political Economy" (Ely) 414
"Practical Essays" (Bain) 418
"James and Lucretia Mott" (Hallowell) 419
"Property and Progress" (Mallock) 420
"The Story of the Coup d'État" (De Maupas) 420
"The Ellipticon" (Naish) 420
"Literature of the Scandinavian North" (Horn) 421
"Life and Times of John Bright" (Robertson) 421
"Evidence for Evolution in the Histology of the Extinct Mammalia" (Cope) 421
"Local Government and Free Schools in South Carolina" (Ramage) 422
"Voice, Song, and Speech" (Browne) 422
"The Güegünce" (Brinton) 422
"The Cinchona-Barks" (Fluckiger) 423
"Scientific Papers, Vassar Brothers' Institute" (Cooley) 423
"Gospel of St. Matthew," fonetic edishun (Vickroy) 423
"Medical Directory of Philadelphia, 1884" (Hoppin) 423
"Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington" (Gilbert) 423
"Geological Excursions" (Winchell) 556
"Brain-Exhaustion" (Corning) 557
"Methods of Historical Study" (Adams) 557
"The Bible analyzed" (Kelso) 558
"Book of the Beginnings" (Newton) 558
"Outskirts of Physical Science" (Dale) 558
"Home and School Training" (Arey) 558
"Science and Art of Education" (Payne) 559
"A History of Tuberculosis" (Sattler) 559
"Biogen" (Coues) 559
"The Land Laws" (Pollock) 560
"Destructive Influence of the Tariff" (Schoenhof) 560
"Politics" (Crane and Moses) 560
"House-Drainage" (Gerhard) 561
"Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. Report, 1883" (Johnson) 561
"Glacial Boundary in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky" (Wright) 561
"Real and Imaginary Effects of Intemperance" (Thoraann) 561
"Mineralogy" (Collins)? 561
"New York State Survey. Report, 1883" (Gardiner) 561
"Teaching of Drawing in Grammar-Schools" (Perry) 562
"The American University" (Burgess)? 562
"Administrative Organization" (LL. B.) 562
"Ancient Egypt in the Light of Modern Discoveries" (Oshorn) 562
"Bilateral Asymmetery of Function" (Hall and Hartwell) 563
"The Railroad as an Element in Education" (Hogg) 563
"Psychological Medicine and Nervous Diseases" (Mann) 563
"Treatment of Wounds" (Mitchell) 564
"Truths and Untruths of Evolution" (Drury) 564
"Outlines of Psychology" (Sully) 704
"The True Theory of the Sun" (Bassnett) 705
"The Consolations of Science" (Straub) 706
"Government Revenue" (Roberts) 706
"Six Centuries of Work and Wages" (Rogers) 708
"Key to North American Birds" (Coues) 708
"Mental Evolution in Animals" (Romanes) 709
"The Franco-American Cookery-Book" (Déliée) 710
"Geology of the Lead and Zinc Mining District of Cherokee County, Kansas" (Haworth) 711
"Cotton Production of Georgia" (Loughridge) 711
"Whirlwinds, Cyclones, and Tornadoes" (Davis) 711
"Massachusetts State Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins" 711
"Synopsis of Fishes of North America" (Jordan and Gilbert) 712
"Home Science" (Hopkins) 712
"Recent Improvements in Astronomical Instruments" (Newcomb). . . 712
"American Meteorological Journal" 712
"The New Chemistry" (Cooke) 845
"Health in the Household" (Dodds) 846
"La Fabula de los Caribes" (De Armas) 846
"Reflex Nervous Influence" (Smith) 846
"Cotton Production of Florida" (Smith) 847
"Reports of the Peabody Museum of American Archæology and Ethnology" (Putnam) 847
"Archaeological Institute of America" 847
"The Theories of Darwin" (Schmid) 847
"Manual of the Mosses of America" (Lesquereux and James) 848
"On a Carboniferous Ammonite from Texas" (Heilprin) 848
"Fire-proof Buildings with Wooden Beams and Girders" (Dolman) 848
"Wages and Trade in Manufacturing Industries in America and Europe" (Schoenhof) 848
"Handbook of Hygiene and Sanitary Science" (Wilson) 848
"Reforms: Their Difficulties and Possibilities" 849
"Intellectual Arithmetic" (Colburn) 850
"Text-Book of Popular Astronomy" (Peck) 850
"Nippon Shoku butsu meii" (Matsumura) 851
"Beginnings with the Microscope" (Manton) 851
"History of the Discovery of the Circulation of the Blood" (Chapman) 851
"Machinery of the Heavens" (Pichereau) 851
"Physics in Pictures" (Eckardt) 851
"In the Heart of Africa" (Baker) 852
"The Globe Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World" 852
"Sorghum" (Collier) 852
"A Bachelor's Talks about Married Life and Things adjacent" (Aikman) 852
"Lecture Notes of General Chemistry" (Stoddard) 852
"Tokology" (Stockham) 853
"The Man versus The-State" (Spencer) 853
"Modern Reproductive Graphic Processes" (Pettit) 854
"The Hollanders in Nova Zemlia" (Tollens) 854
"Fifth Avenue to Alaska" (Pierrepont) 854
Boring Power, The, of Mollusks 717
Brain-Weighings, Value of 717
Bremont, Dr. Félix 643
Bricks, Microbes in 142
British Association, The 277
British Association, The 698
Bronze, Virchow on the Origin of 573
Butternuts, Hickory-Nuts and 433
Buchner, Max 767

Casamicciola? What destroyed 718
Cataracts, The One Hundred, of the Iguazu 574
Catastrophes, Geological 280
Ceremonies, Curious Funeral 831
Change as a Recreative Agent 431
Character, The Measurement of 732
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 62
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 212
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 514
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 636
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 778
Chinese Coroners' Inquests 690
Christian Agnosticism 78
Cholera-Germ, The 829
Circles, Why we walk in 572
Climate, Adaptation to 396
Coal, and the Coal-Tar Colors 201
Cochin, M. Denys 201
Cocoa-Nut, The Milk in the 50
Colorado for Invalids 313
Color and Music, Birds' Tastes for 715
Convicts, Innocent, Reparation to 508
Cooke, Professor Josiah P. 577
Cooke, Professor Josiah P. 772
Cookery, The Chemistry of 62
Cookery, The Chemistry of 212
Cookery, The Chemistry of 514
Cookery, The Chemistry of 636
Cookery, The Chemistry of 778
Correction, A 704
Correspondence 121
Correspondence 696
Cram, W. A. 110
Culture, Scientific 577
Curteis, The Rev. Canon 78

Darwinism in the Talmud 279
Deaf, Instruction of the 713
De Candolle, M. Alphonse 784
De la Roche, Étienne 543
Diseases of Plants 385
Dodder, How the, became a Parasite 647
Drinking-Water, Clean 244
Duck, Courtesy and Sagacity of the 861
Dust, Attractions and Repulsions of 862
Dusts in Submarine Deposits, Volcanic and Cosmic 860

Early Rising, The Art of 569
Earthquake of August 10th, The 856
Editor's Table 123
Editor's Table 266
Editor's Table 410
Editor's Table 553
Editor's Table 698
Editor's Table 843
Education, Classical and Scientific, Sir John Lubbock on 566
Education, Liberal, President Eliot on 412
Electrical Exhibition, The Coming International 425
Electric Light, The, and Health 858
Electric Lighting, Storage Batteries in 143
Ensilage and Fermentation 219
Experience, A Typical 121

False Knowledge 141
Fetichism of the Bantu Negroes 767
Fetich, The College, once more 701
Fire, A People who can not make 569
Fisher, George Jackson, M.D. 405
Fischer, M. J. 522
Fisk, Samuel A., M.D. 313
Flat-foot 567
Fleuss, The, Breathing Apparatus and Safety-Lamp 717
Flies, How, hang on 68
Floods in Mountain Valleys, Prevention of 143
Flower, William H., F.R.S. 605
Foster, Thomas 103
Foster, Thomas 378
Foster, Thomas 537
Foster, Thomas 663
Foster, Thomas 825
Frauenstein, G. M. 620
Frere, Sir Bartle 717
Fresh-Water Pearls 430

Galton, Francis 732
Gas-Poisoning 427
Geography and the Railroads 230
Geyser Regions, The World's 494
Giffen, Robert, LL.D. 22
Glacial, The, Dam and Lake of the Ohio River 716
Glasgow's Bandy-legged Children 400
Grapes as Food 123
Greek Question, The, Further Remarks on 772
Greely Arctic Expedition, The 856
Gutta-Percha 861
Guyau, M. M. 357
Guyot, Arnold Henry, Sketch of 261

Hallock, Edward J., A. M., Ph.D. 138
Halsted, Byron D. 159
Happiness, The Morality of 103
Happiness, The Morality of 378
Happiness, The Morality of 537
Happiness, The Morality of 567
Happiness, The Morality of 663
Happiness, The Morality of 825
Harrison, Frederic 440
Hart, Samuel, M.D. 189
Hay, George, M.D. 400
Health, National, and Work 653
Hickory-Nuts and Butternuts 433
Himalayas, Climbing the 859
Hospital, Our New Skin and Cancer 94
Howe, Edwin J., M.D. 244
Hughlings Jackson, J., M.D. 171
Hydrophobia, The Prevention of 376

Ice-Making, Du Motay's Process of 796
Idiot? Was he an 110
Iguazu, The One Hundred Cataracts of the 574
Indians, The American, Old-World Origin of 571
Inebriate Patients, Treatment for 571
Inebriety, Dr. Crothers's Studies of 427
Insects and Disease 122
Insects, Our Debt to 332
International Science 698
Ireland, Reafforesting of 570
Iron, On the Supposed Discovery of, in Prehistoric Mounds 138

James, Joseph F. 647
Jastrow, Dr. J. 230
Jaques, Dr. Heinrich 508
Johnson, Edward 47
Jordan, Professor David S. 547

Klinkerfues, Professor, Death of 278
Knowledge, What, is of most Worth 696
Krakatau, The Volcanic Eruption of 365

Lancaster, Albert B. M. 60
Langley, J. K, F.R.S. 800
Legislators, The Qualifications of 696
Legislators, The Sins of 1
Legislators, The Sins of 145
Lesley, Professor J. P., Sketch of 693
Life, where did it begin? 73
Light, An Absolute Unit of 715
Lightning, Protection against 678
Lightning, Protection against 810
Literary Notices 130
Literary Notices 269
Literary Notices 414
Literary Notices 556
Literary Notices 704
Literary Notices 845
Lubbock, John 426
Lyman, Oliver E. 181
Lyon, Rev. George G. 320

Malcolm, J. G. 696
Manganese in Plants 861
Man's Right over Animals 759
Manual Training, The Fruits of 347
Mask-Dances, The, of New Ireland 572
Mather, Frederick G. 530
Measurement, The, of Character 732
Medicine-Man, The Training of a 570
Mental Science, The Progress of 266
Mesmerism, The Physiological Aspect of 800
Mesmerism, The True and False in 568
Metallurgy, The Beginnings of 86
Microbes in Bricks 142
Miles, Manly, M.D. 219
Milne Edwards's Marine Investigations 716
Minnesota, Physiographic Conditions of 715
Missouri River, The Upper, System 594
Mollusks, The Boring Power of 717
Monkeys, My 522
Morality, The, of Happiness 103
Morality, The, of Happiness 378
Morality, The, of Happiness 537
Morality, The, of Happiness 567
Morality, The, of Happiness 663
Morality, The, of Happiness 825
Morris, Charles 671

National Health and Work 653
Naturalist, Some Rambles of a 474
Negroes, the Bantu, Fetichism of 767
Nervous System, Evolution and Dissolution of the 171
Nettle, The, as an Economical Plant 714
Nickel-Plating in the United States 568
Neuralgia, The Weather and. 281
New Ireland, The Mask-Dances of. 572
Notes 143
Notes 286
Notes 431
Notes 575
Notes 719
Notes 863
Numbers, The Mystic Properties of 543
Numismatics in the United States 428

Obituary Notes 864
Occupation, Influence of, on Physical Development. 859
Ohio River, The Glacial Dam and Lake of the 716

Paget, Sir James, F.R.S. 653
Palestine, Geological Survey of 430
Parliamentary Influence, Spencer on 129
Parsons, Henry B. 627
Pasteur, M. Louis 376
Pasteur, The Life-Work of 235
Patagonia, The Southern Andes and 574
Peale, A. C, M.D. 494
Pearls, Fresh-Water 430
Penhallow, D. P. 385
Philanthropy, Scientific 481
Physiological Experiment, The Future of 282
Physiology versus Metaphysics 249
Plant Contraction, Mechanism of 284
Plants, Cultivated, The Origin of 784
Plants, Diseases of 385
Plants in America, Chinese 862
Poey, Professor Felipe, Sketch of 547
Poisons developed in the Body 283
Pole and Wire Evil, The 181
Popular Miscellany 138
Popular Miscellany 277
Popular Miscellany 425
Popular Miscellany 565
Popular Miscellany 713
Popular Miscellany 855
Population, The Problem of 671
Prehistoric Mounds, On the Supposed Discovery of Iron in 138
Primitive Peoples, The Astronomy of 620
Progress and Social Improvement 123
Prohibition, An Experiment in 47
Prohibition, An Experiment in 696

Railroads, How State Monopoly of, works 858
Rambles, Some, of a Naturalist 474
Rayleigh, Professor Lord 739
Rayleigh, Professor Lord, Sketch of 840
Religion, Retrogressive 451
Religion, The Ghost of 440
Remember, Where and how we 609
Reparation to Innocent Convicts 508
Reproduction, Modes of, in Plants 159
Retrogressive Religion 451
Reyer, Dr. E. 86
Rheumatism, Seasonal Variations of 429
Richet, Charles 759
River-Beds, Winding, Origin of 284
River-Water, Effect of Sewage on 575
Rombouts, Dr. J. E. 68
Russian Scientific Societies 285

Salt-Deposits, The, of Western New York 530
School Examinations, Dr. Michael Foster on 281
School-Work, Effect of, on the Brain 282
Science and Art, Are, Antagonistic? 357
Science and the Temperance Reform 553
Science, Physical, The Recent Progress of 739
Scientific Culture 577
Scientific Philanthropy 481
Scientific Societies, Russian 285
Scientists, The, at Montreal 843
Scott, Professor W. B. 261
Scribner, G. Hilton 73
Seasons, The, Correlations of 714
Seely, G. B. 796
Sewage, Effect of, on River-Water 575
Shepherd, Francis J., M.D. 721
Siberian Superstitions 572
Sins, The, of Legislators 1
Sins, The, of Legislators 145
Sloane, T. O'Conor, Ph.D. 652
Smokers, Hygiene for 643
Solar Storms and Sun-Spots 142
Somerville, Mary, Sketch of 113
Sorghum as a Source of Sugar 627
Sound-Mills, Professor Dvorak's 258
Spectacles, Shall we put, on Children? 429
Spencer, Herbert 1
Spencer, Herbert 145
Spencer, Herbert 289
Spencer, Herbert 451
Spencer on Parliamentary Influence 129
Springs and the First Settlements of a Country, Relation of 857
Spruce-Forests of Maine, A Destroyer in the 856
Starr, M. Allen, M.D. 609
Stature, British, Facts about 278
Stethoscopy 189
Stockwell, Dr. G. A. 14
Studies, College, Yale Professors on 124
Stretchers and Ambulances, Construction of 857
Sun-Kinks 652
Superstition, The Great Political 289
Superstitions, Political, The Survival of 410
Superstitions, Siberian 572
Swiss, The, Society of Natural Sciences 140

Talmud, The, Darwinism in 279
Taste, Deprived of the Pleasures of 425
Theology, The New 320
Thermometers, How to expose 428
Things, The Elevation of Phrases above 843
Typhoid Fever, Causes of 280

Unit of Light, An Absolute 715
Unscientific Science-Teaching 139
Upper Missouri River System, The 594

Vance, Lee J. 481

Wages, Capital, and Rich Men 788
Walshe, Dr. Walter H. 249
Ward, Lester F. 594
Warmest Month, The 855
Weather, The, and Neuralgia 281
Weather, The, Health, and Crime 566
Williams, W. Mattieu 62
Williams, W. Mattieu 122
Williams, W. Mattieu 212
Williams, W. Mattieu 514
Williams, W. Mattieu 636
Williams, W. Mattieu 778
Woodward, Professor CM 347
Working-Classes, The Progress of the, in the Last Half-Century 22

Yale Professors on College Studies 124
Youmans, W. J., M.D. 94

Zoölogical Gardens, The Ideal 573