Popular Science Monthly/Volume 31/Index

I N D E X.

Abbe, Professor Cleveland 112
Air, in Dwellings and School-Rooms 718
Allen, Grant 346
Allen, Grant 503
Amazons Valley, The 140
Anderson, William 635
Animals, The Happiness of 717
Annam and Tonquin, Ethnological Sketches in 626
Announcement 273
Anthropology, Practical, A Lesson in 282
Antiquities, Mexican 79
Art, Palæolithic, Specimens of 429
Ashley, Charles S 535
Association, The American 848
Association, the American, The Next Meeting of 127
Astronomy with an Opera-Glass 187
Astronomy with an Opera-Glass 478
Audubon, John J., Sketch of 687
Aurora Borealis, the, Systematic Observations of 141
Aztec Iconographic Writing 713

Baldness, Hats as a Cause of 97
Banquet, The Tyndall 703
Benefaction, A Fraudulent 136
Birch-Bark, Uses of 716
Bonanza, A Botanical 653
Books noticed:
"Classification and Special Morphology of Plants" (Sachs, Garnsey, and Balfour) 128
"History of British Columbia" (Bancroft) 129
"Shoppell's Modern Houses" 130
"The Open Court" (Underwood) 130
"The Chemistry of the Sun" (Lockyer) 131
"Mineral Physiology and Physiography" (Hunt) 132
"Report of the Chief Signal-Officer for 1885" 133
"The Fall of Maximilian's Empire" (Schroeder) 134
"Agriculture in some of its Relations with Chemistry" (Storer) 134
"American Journal of Psychology" (Hall) 134
"Talks with Socrates about Life" (Plato) 135
"Report of the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries for 1884" (Baird) 135
"Recent Advances in Meteorology" (Ferrel) 135
"Rise and Early Constitution of Universities" (Laurie) 273
"Elements of Physiological Psychology" (Ladd) 274
"Treatise on Surveying" (Gillespie and Staley) 275
"Social Studies" (Newton) 275
"The Westminster Review" 275
"Tables for the Determination of Common Minerals" (Crosby) 276
"The Argentine General Catalogue" (Gould) 276
"Hand-Book of Volumetric Analysis" (Sutton) 276
"Mineral Resources of the United States" (Williams) 277
"A Treatise on Algebra" (Oliver, Wait, and Jones) 277
"The Scientific Writings of Joseph Henry" 278
"Transactions of the Modern Language Association of America" 278
"Modern Language Notes" (Elliott) 278
"The American Naturalist" 279
"Latin Word-Building" (Gates) 279
"Telegraphing to and from Railway-Trains" (Rosebrugh) 280
"Duplex .Telephony" (Rosebrugh) 280
"Public Debts" (Adams) 415
"Oil and Natural Gas in Illinois" (Comstock) 416
"Scientific Association, Meriden, Connecticut, Proceedings and Transactions of the" (Davis) 417
"A Century of Electricity" (Mendenhall) 417
"The Story of Ancient Egypt" (Rawlinson and Gilman) 417
"The Story of the Normans" (Jewett) 418
"Annual Index to Periodicals for 1886" 418
"First Book of Chemistry" (Brewster) 418
"Report of the Ladies' Health Protective Association of New York" (Herbert) 418
"California State Mining Bureau, Report" (Hanks and Irelan) 419
"Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club, Transactions" (Harrington) 419
"Mathematical Teaching and its Modern Method" (Stafford) 419
"McCarty's Annual Statistician" (McCarty) 419
"Thoughts on Science, Theology, and Ethics" (Wilson) 420
"Rotary Motion and the Gyroscope" (Barnard) 420
"Leveling, Barometric, Trigonometric, and Spirit" (Baker) 420
"Petroleum: Its Production and Use" (Redwood) 421
"Massage as a Mode of Treatment" (Murrell) 421
"Profit-Sharing" (Nelson) 421
"Proceedings of the Department of Superintendence of the National Educational Association" 421
"The Labor-Value Fallacy" (Scudder) 421
"Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society" (Venable) 422
"Economic Equities" (Ingalls) 422
"Elements of English" (Ricker) 422
"The Problem of Evil" (Thompson) 563
"The Factors of Organic Evolution" (Spencer) 565
"The Ruling Principle of Method applied to Education" (Rosmini) 565
"Text-Book of Zoölogy" (Nicholson) 566
"Phonographic Instructor" (Watson) 566
"Railway Practice" (Alexander) 566
"The Interstate Commerce Act" (Dos Passos) 566
"A New Basis for Chemistry" (Hunt) 566
"Brazil, its Condition and Prospects" (Andrews) 567
"Controlling Sex in Generation" (Terry) 567
"The Cremation of the Dead" (Erichsen) 567
"A Junior Course of Practical Zo?logy" (Marshall and Hurst) 568
"Sanitary Examinations of Water, Air, and Food" (Fox) 568
"Due North: Scandinavia and Russia" (Ballou) 568
"The True Doctrine of Orbits" (Rush) 568
"American Historical Association, Proceedings, 1886" (Adams) 568
"History of Central America" (Bancroft) 705
"History of Modern Europe" (Fyffe) 706
"Principles of Education Practically Applied" (Greenwood) 706
"Sociology" (Bascom) 706
"Health of Our Children" ("Dr. Frank") 707
"Health in Our Homes" ("Dr. Frank") 707
"Household Guide in Health and Disease" ("Dr. Frank") 707
"Elements of Botany" (Bastin) 707
"Natural Law in the Business World" (Wood) 708
"Henry Draper Memorial" (Pickering) 708
"A Modern Zoroastrian" (Laing) 709
"The Story of Metlakahtla" (Wellcome) 710
"History of the Doctrine of Comets" (White) 710
"Dinocerata" (Marsh) 710
"The New Crisis" (Bell) 711
"Infants, their Chronological Progress" (Chaill?) 711
"Observations at Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory" (Rotch) 711
"Elementary Microscopic Technology" (James) 711
"The Treatment of Sewage" (Tidy) 712
"The Margin of Profits" (Atkinson) 849
"Abuse of Alcoholics by the Healthy" (Chaill?) 850
"Ten Great Events in History" (Johonnot) 851
"Indiana: Report on Geology and Natural History" (Thompson) 851
"Home Sanitation" 852
"Geological Survey of New Jersey" (Cook) 852
"Bureau of Ethnology, Report of" (Powell) 853
"Proceedings of the American Society of Microscopists" (Kellicott) 853
"Smithsonian Institution, Report of, 1885" 853
"Willem Usselinsk" (Jameson) 854
"Voice, Song, and Speech" (Browne and Behnke) 854
"Local Government in Canada" (Bourinot) 854
"Peoria (Illinois) Scientific Association, Bulletin of" (Park) 855
"Niagara Reservation Committee, Report of" 855
"Commissioner of Education, Report of, 1884-'85" (Eaton) 855
"The Latest Studies of Indian Reservations" (Harrison) 856
"Poetry and Philosophy of Goethe" (Dudley) 856
"Miscellaneous Papers relating to Anthropology" 856
"Doctorate Address, University of Louisville" (Yandell) 856
"Anatomy of Geococcyx Californiensis" (Shufeldt) 857
"List of Astronomical Observatories" (Boehmer) 857
"American Jurassic Mammals" (Marsh) 857
Botanists, American, The Task of 305
Boyhood, The Savagery of 796
Boynton, F. E. 653
Brains, Men's and Women's 554
Brains, Men's and Women's, More about 698
Brain-Weights, Human 355
Brazil, The Great Inland Depression of 285
Burroughs, John 1

Canal, The Panama 323
Canning, E. W. B. 700
Caries of the Teeth 426
Chickens, The Gapes in 285
Children, City, Make Room for 284
Chronology, Prehistoric, of America 861
Cincinnati, The Glacial Lake and Island of 423
Civilization, Geographical Conditions and 427
Climate, our, Improvement of 139
Climatic Changes, Effect of, on Species 286
Clothes-Moths 859
Clubs, Tourist and Alpine 574
Coal-Tar Colors and Medicines 281
Coke, Production of, in the United States 140
Colleges, American, Elective Studies in 281
Color-Blindness among Railroad Employs 794
Color-Blindness, Dr. Bickerton's Experiments in 286
Comets and Meteors, Origin of 50
Communication, Telephonic, between Ships 860
Cooking by Steam 427
Cork and its Manufacture 635
Correction, A. 123
Correspondence 123
Correspondence 265
Correspondence 554
Correspondence 698
Correspondence 845
Creation or Evolution? 29
Culture and Character 701
Cumming, Miss C. F. Gordon 750

Darwin, Professor G. H. 359
Daubés, M. Guyot 314
Dembitz, Lewis N. 845
Derby, The Earl of 664
Differences, Mental, of Men and Women 383
Digestion, Artificial 287
Diseases, Optimistic and Pessimistic 862
Disturbances, The Economic, since 1873 289
Disturbances, The Economic, since 1873 433
Disturbances, The Economic, since 1873 577
Disturbances, The Economic, since 1873 768
Dreher, Dr. Eugen 249

Earthquakes 359
Earthquakes, Myths and Theories about 715
Earthquakes, the Charleston, Report upon 570
Eclipse, The Coming Solar 571
Economy of Food 858
Economies, The Physical Aspect of 862
Editor's Table 124
Editor's Table 269
Editor's Table 412
Editor's Table 559
Editor's Table 701
Editor's Table 847
"Educating up" 430
Educational Endowments 535
Education and Work 428
Education, The Meaning of 846
Effort, Combination of 228
Emotions, The Language of the 814
Employés, Railroad, Color-Blindness among 794
Encroachments of the State 847
Endowments, Educational 535
Eskimos, the, Some Popular Errors about 570
Ethnological Sketches in Annam and Tonquin 626
Evolution, A Great Scholar on 412
Evolution, What American Zoölogists have done for 804
Evolution? What is 721
Explanation, An 846
Exploring Expedition, A National 268
Explosives, High, Safety in the Manufacture of 265
Explosion, The, at Brighton, Illinois 558

Falls, The, of the Orange River 862
Farlow, Professor W. G. 305
Fay, A. O. 265
Fears, Unfounded 426
Fergusson, James, Sketch of 118
Fetich-Faith in Western Africa 801
Fight, The, against Poverty 413
Fire-Proof Mixtures 283
Fish, Intelligence of 428
Fishes, Atlantic and Pacific 572
Flint, Austin, M.D. 845
Food, Economy of 858
Food, The, of American Workmen 862
Fouillée, Alfred 814
Freezing, Physiology of 681
Freemantle, Canon 171
Fuel, Petroleum Products as 284

Gapes, The, in Chickens 285
Gardener, Helen H. 266
Gardener, Helen H. 339
Gardener, Helen H. 698
Gas, Natural, at Pittsburg 424
Geare, Randolph I. 79
Geographical Conditions and Civilization 427
Geology, The Microscope in 716
Gervais, Paul, Sketch of 550
Gofio 224
Good, Arthur 635
Gouinlock, W. C. 97
Greek Question, The, again 271
Greek Question, Present Status of the 14
Griffin, La Roy F. 558
Growth, Second, of Woods, Origin of 424

Halsted, Byron D. 84
Hammond, William A. 554
Hammond, William A. 846
Harbor-Channels, How, may be Kept Clear 140
Hats as a Cause of Baldness 97
Hats as a Cause of Baldness 845
Hazen, William Babcock 112
Heat, The Sun's 19
Holladay, L. L. 846
Hospital, Skin and Cancer, The New York 137
Huxley, Professor T. H. 207
Hydrophobia Inoculations, M. Pasteur's, Value of 718
Hygiene as a Basis of Morals 67

Industrial Education and Railway Service 233
Instincts, Some Human 160
Instruction, Work and Play in 425

James, Professor E. J. 14
James, Professor William 160
Jamin, Jules, Sketch of 262
Johnson, Anne M. 700
Johnson, John, Jr. 796

Keyes, John Arnold 474
Kinley, Isaac 333

Lakes, The North American 333
Lampreys, How, Build their Nests 718
Language, The, of the Emotions 814
Lawsuit or Legacy 339
Lea, Isaac, Sketch of 404
Le Conte, Professor Joseph 721
Le Sueur, W. D. 29
Life-Insurance, Honest 704
Light, Effects of, on Bacteria and other Organisms 860
Link, A, between Vertebrates and Invertebrates 429
Literary Notices 128
Literary Notices 273
Literary Notices 415
Literary Notices 563
Literary Notices 705
Literary Notices 849
Lytton, The Earl of 662

Magnus, Sir Philip 493
Malaria, The Microbe of 141
Mars, Changes in the Aspect of 532
Marsh, E. S. 123
Medicines and Digestion 281
Medicines, Strange 750
Men and Women, Mental Differences of 383
Meunier, Stanislaus 532
Mexican Antiquities 79
Mexico, Ancient, The Metal Art of 519
Microbe, The, of Malaria 141
Microscope, The, in Geology 716
Milk, Stale, Ptomaines in 714
Mississippi, The Falls of the 474
Monuments, Megalithic 39
Moon, The, and the Sun 478
Morgan, Appleton 145
Morris, George P. 608
Morse, Professor Edward S. 804
Mountain Air, Virtues of 859

Nadaillac, M. de 39
Natural History Studies in Boston 713
Naturalists, The American Society of 138
Natural, The, versus the Supernatural 1
Nipperdey, H. 801
Noble, The Oldest, of them all 743
Notes 143
Notes 287
Notes 431
Notes 575
Notes 719
Notes 863
Nussbaum, Dr. von 681

Occupations, Healthy and Unhealthy 861
Odors, An Undulatory Theory of 430
Orthodoxy, Scientific 559
Over-Education, Modern 401

Palæolithic Art, Specimens of 429
Panama Canal, The 323
Pasteur's (M.) Hydrophobia Inoculations, Value of 718
Petroleum Products as Fuel 284
Philosophy, Some Ancient 574
Philpott, Henry J. 45
Philpott, Henry J. 228
Philpott, Henry J. 612
Philpott, Henry J. 735
Photography of the Stars 282
Photography, Stellar, Progress of 572
Physical Culture and Moral Reform 561
Physics, Teaching, in the Public Schools 860
Pictures, Appearance and Reality in 249
Plant-Growth, An Anomaly in 700
Playfair, Sir Lyon 663
Plumber's Art, the, Importance of 142
Pollock, Sir Frederick 661
Popular Miscellany 136
Popular Miscellany 281
Popular Miscellany 423
Popular Miscellany 570
Popular Miscellany 713
Popular Miscellany 858
Poverty, The Fight against 413
Prairie-Flowers of Early Spring 84
Proctor, Professor Richard A. 50
Progress, The, of Science from 1836 to 1886 503
Ptomaines in Stale Milk 714

Railroads, Are, Public Enemies? 145
Railroad-Ties, Wood and Metal for 573
Railway Service, Industrial Education and 233
Region, A New African 284
Reynolds, Henry L., Jr. 519
Rivers, Various Kinds of 139
Rocks, How the Structure of, is Determined 425
Romanes, George J. 383
Rubies, Artificial 574

Safety in the Manufacture of High Explosives 265
Sand, Grains of 247
Savagery, The, of Boyhood 796
Scheele, Carl Wilhelm, Sketch of 839
School Discipline, An Incident in 714
School Education, Manual Training in 493
School-room Lights 715
Science and Pseudo-Science 207
Science, Literary 700
Science, Mediæval Jewish 845
Science, New Chapters in the Warfare of 373
Science, New Chapters in the Warfare of 452
Science, The Progress of, from 1836 to 1886 503
Serviss, Garrett P. 187
Serviss, Garrett P. 478
Sewage and Garbage, Disposal of 571
Sewerage and Typhoid Fever 138
Sex and Brain-Weight 266
Shufeldt, R. W. 268
Silk-Culture, The Prospect for, in the United States 573
Simms, Joseph, M.D. 355
Sleep and its Counterfeits 597
Snow-Masses, Influence of, on Climate 60
Social Sustenance 45
Social Sustenance 228
Social Sustenance 612
Social Sustenance 735
Specialization 612
Species, Effect of Climatic Changes on 286
Stars, the, Photography of 282
State Education 124
State, Functions of the 123
State, the, Encroachments of 847
Stature, Human, Variations in 314
Steam, Cooking by 427
Stokes, Professor 654
Structure, How the, of Rocks is determined 425
Studies, Elective, in American Colleges 281
Summer, The Stars of 187
Sustenance, Social 45
Sustenance, Social 228
Sustenance, Social 612
Sustenance, Social 735

Taylor, C. Fayette, M.D. 224
Teeth, Human, Anomalies in 428
Teeth, the, Caries of 426
Theology under Changed Conditions 171
Thomson, Sir William 19
Thomson, William, M.D. 794
Thousand Islands, Among the 346
Thunder, Cause of 861
Tittlebats, The Theory of 825
Trade, Why English, is declining 138
Training, Industrial, Two Centuries ago 608
Training, Manual, in School Education 493
Transylvanian Saxons, Among the 100
Transylvanian Saxons, Among the 254
Trees, Foliage, in Colors 142
Tyndall Banquet, the Recent, Speeches at 654
Tyndall, Professor 656
Typhoid Fever, Sewerage and 138

Vogt, Carl 743

Walker, Francis 123
Wardman, George 247
Warfare of Science, the, New Chapters in 373
Warfare of Science, the, New Chapters in 452
Watteville, A. de 597
Weathercocks 715
Weeds, Some British 430
Weld, Stuart F. 323
Wells, Hon. David A. 289
Wells, Hon. David A. 433
Wells, Hon. David A. 577
Wells, Hon. David A. 768
White, Andrew Dickson 373
White, Andrew Dickson 452
White, Frances Emily, M.D. 67
Woeikoff, M. A. J. 60
Women, Higher Education of 269
Wood, Silicified, Polished Objects of 859
Work and Play in Instruction 425

Zoölogists, What American, have done for Evolution 804