584028Popular Science Monthly — Volume 571900

Table of Contents
May 1900
The Coming Total Eclipse of the Sun 1
The Most Expensive City in the World 16
A Bubble-Blowing Insect 23
The Negro Since the Civil War 29
The Birds of the Adirondacks 40
The Structure of Blind Fishes 48
A Hundred Years of Chemistry II 59
Mount Tamalpais 69
International Law and the Peace Conference 76
The Fate of the Beagle 86
Science Study and National Character 90
Editor's Table 99
Fragments of Science 101
Minor Paragraphs 108
Notes 110
Publications Received 111
June 1900
Preventive Inoculation I 115
Professor Ewart's Penycuik Experiments 126
Colonies and the Mother Country I 139
The Future of the Negro in the Southern States 147
The Physical Geography of the Lands 157
The New York Botanical Garden 171
Gas and Gas Meters 179
The Sun's Destination 191
A Biographical Sketch of an Infant 197
Correspondence 206
Scientific Literature 213
The Progress of Science 219
July 1900
Chapters on the Stars I 227
Preventive Inoculation II 240
Colonies and the Mother Country II 248
Technical Education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 257
The Psychology of Crazes 285
Some Phases of the Earth's Development in the Light of Recent Chemical Research 295
A Preliminary Account of the Solar Eclipse of May 28, 1900, as Observed by the Smithsonian Expedition 302
Malaria and the Malarial Parasite 310
New Sources of Light and of Roentgen Rays 318
Discussion and Correspondence 323
Scientific Literature 327
The Progress of Science 332
August 1900
Rhythms and Geologic Time 339
The Photography of Sound Waves 354
The Psychology of Red I 365
Chapters on the Stars II 376
Colonies and the Mother Country III 390
Causes of Degeneration in Blind Fishes 397
The Evolution and Present Status of the Automobile 406
Scientific Results of the Norwegian Polar Expedition, 1893-1896 420
Discussion and Correspondence 436
Scientific Literature 439
The Progress of Science 442
September 1900
The Modern Occult 449
Birds as Flying Machines 473
Electric Automobiles 479
The Human Body as an Engine 491
Chapters on the Stars III 500
The Psychology of Red II 517
The Expenditure of the Working Classes 527
The Conquest of the Tropics 540
Discussion and Correspondence 546
Scientific Literature 550
The Progress of Science 555
October 1900
Address of the President Before the British Association I 561
The Bubonic Plague 576
Gasoline Automobiles 593
Some Scientific Principles of Warfare 605
Modern Mongols 618
Religious Beliefs of the Central Eskimo 624
Mental Energy 632
Chapters on the Stars IV 638
Discussion and Correspondence 660
Scientific Literature 662
The Progress of Science 664
Index 669