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Government of the United Kingdom

Also known as Her Majesty's Government; the central government of the United Kingdom. Led by the Prime Minister, the most senior government ministers form the Cabinet and head departments and ministries.

The government is separate to the legislative branch, the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which is responsible for primary legislation.


Foreign, Commonwealth and Development OfficeEdit

Department for Culture, Media & SportEdit

Department of TransportEdit

Command PapersEdit

A command paper is a document issued by the UK Government and presented to Parliament. Command papers are numbered. Since 1870 they have been prefixed with an abbreviation of "command" which has changed over time to allow for new sequences.

Prefix Dates Numbers
1833–1869 1 to 4222[1]
C. 1870–1899 C.1 to C.9550[1]
Cd. 1900–1918 Cd.1 to Cd.9239[1]
Cmd. 1919–1956 Cmd.1 to Cmd.9889[1]
Cmnd. 1956–1986 Cmnd.1 to Cmnd.9927[2]
Cm. 1986–2018 Cm.1 to Cm.9756
CP 2019– CP 1 upwards

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