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Political Science
Top level portal for Class J: Political Science

Key: "PIPA" = Political institutions and public administration

Subclass J: General legislative and executive papers

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General legislative and executive papers covers gazettes, messages and miscellaneous state papers.

Child portal: Government gazettes

Subclass J: General political science

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General political science covers periodicals, reference materials and general works on the subject of politics and government.

Subclass JC: Political theory

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Political theory covers the state, theories of the state, and the philosophy of the state and government.

Child portals: AnarchismCommunismConservatismDemocracyHuman rights

Subclass JF: Political institutions and public administration

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Political institutions and public administration covers general works on the topics of the organs of government (including functions such as the executive and the legislative process) and public administration (including the civil service and political parties).

Child portal: Suffrage

Subclass JJ: PIPA of North America

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Political institutions and public administration of North America covers the organs of government and public administration in North America, except for those of the United States.

Child portals: Canadian Security Intelligence ServiceLiberal Party of CanadaPrime Ministers of CanadaTruth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Subclass JK: PIPA of the United States

Flag-map of the United States of America

Political institutions and public administration of the United States covers the organs of government and public administration of the United States of America.

Child portals: Federal Government of the United States

Executive: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesFederal Communications CommissionFood and Drug AdministrationNational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationNational Archives and Records Administration (NARA Collection) • National Hurricane Center (National Hurricane Center Advisories) • National Institutes of HealthNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyNational Transportation Safety Board (Korean Air Flight 801 investigationTWA Flight 800 investigation) • Presidents of the United States (Executive OrdersGerald R. Ford Presidential Library and MuseumUnited States Presidential ProclamationsUnited States presidential veto messages) • United States Census BureauUnited States Customs ServiceUnited States Department of AgricultureUnited States Department of CommerceUnited States Department of DefenseUnited States Department of JusticeUnited States Department of LaborUnited States Department of StateUnited States Department of Transportation (Federal Railroad AdministrationFederal Transit Administration) • United States Geological SurveyUnited States Internal Revenue ServiceUnited States National Security CouncilUnited States Postal Service
Legislative: United States CongressUnited States House of RepresentativesUnited States Senate (Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities) • Library of Congress (United States Copyright Office)
State Level: Connecticut General AssemblyDelaware General AssemblyFlorida LegislatureGeorgia General AssemblyIndiana General AssemblyMaryland General AssemblyMassachusetts General CourtNew Hampshire General CourtNew Jersey LegislatureNew York State Legislature (New York State AssemblyNew York State Senate) • Pennsylvania General Assembly (Pennsylvania House of Representatives) • Rhode Island General AssemblyVermont General AssemblyVirginia General Assembly

Subclass JL: PIPA of the Americas

Image of the North and South American continents

Political institutions and public administration of the Americas covers the organs of government and public administration in the Americas, except for those of North America.

Subclass JN: PIPA of Europe

Subclass JQ: PIPA of the world

Globe icon focussing on Eurasia

Political institutions and public administration of the world covers the organs of government and public administration of the rest of the World; that is, all except Europe and the Americas.

Child portals: Arab LeagueAustralian Freedom LeagueHong Kong Annual ReportsMinistry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian FederationPresident of the PhilippinesPresident of the Republic of Indonesia

Subclass JS: Local government

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Local government covers all government below the level of the state, including provinces, counties, cities, towns and villages.

Child portal: Oxford City Council

Subclass JV: Colonies and colonization

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Colonies and colonization covers the subject of migration of settlers, trading posts, plantations and the ruling of indigenous peoples. This includes its history and philosophy as well as practical matters such as administration.

Subclass JVA: Emigration and immigration

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Emigration and immigration covers the international migration of people, including nomads, refugees and economic migrants.

Child portals: EmigrationImmigration

Subclass JZ: International relations

Gold version of the United Nation emblem.

International relations covers diplomacy, treaties, international organisations, co-operation and the interaction between nations.

Child portals: ASEANEuropean Union (Treaties and declarations of the European Union) • League of NationsSupranational organizationsTreaties with Great BritainUnited Nations

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