Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 21

Investiture of the Gods
Flight Through the Five Passes
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Flight Through the Five Passes". With the help of Yellow Flying Tiger, Ji Chang managed to cross the Yellow River in a single night and then make his way towards Lintong Pass -- the first of five passes. As many officials became exceedingly worried as to why Ji Chang failed to return throughout the entire night, Fei Zhong soon attained word of the situation and thus sat down with You Hun to analyze their next move. You Hun immediately placed forth his irrational suggestion: 'after attaining the consent of His Majesty, soldiers should be sent to retrieve Ji Chang immediately. As he is brought back and placed before the king, he should be beheaded as punishment for putting insult over the former's kindness.' With Fei Zhong's consention, both ministers appeared before King Zhou and fully elaborated the situation. After deciding that Generals Yin and Lei are to be sent out to retrieve the runaway prince, they both charged through the west gates with 3,000 soldier strong in immediate pace. Riding leisurely through Lintong Pass when hearing a sudden clamor of men and horses behind him, Ji Chang soon realized that King Zhou must have sent men in pursuit -- and thus galloped wildly atop his horse, not knowing where at all he was heading. As the soldiers of Shang shortly approached the unfortunate Prince Wen with immense speed, Master of the Clouds meanwhile attained sight of the situation from his Green Touring Bed and immediately called Thunder Quaker to his side. Ordering his disciple to quickly find a weapon at the Tiger Cliff, Thunder Quaker met no true success before finding two delicious red apricots which he devoured with great delight.

Just at the moment that he was going to resume his search, a sudden strange transformation took place: two wings sprouted from both shoulder blades while he grew silver tusks and long red hair. Even though he had no desire to see his master again with such an appearance, he had no true choice once Golden Haze Lad, an assistant disciple under Master of the Clouds, called him back to the cavern. With great delight over his disciple's transformation, Master of the Clouds handed Thunder Quaker a golden cudgel and immediately taught him how to wield it with exceeded renown. After the essential mastering of his new weapon, "wind" was written on his left wing while "thunder" on his right -- thus giving him the ability to soar through the skies with his new wings at will. Before Thunder Quaker was to take his leave, Master of the Clouds thoroughly told his disciple that he is to ensure his father's safe arrival at the Western Foothills; but at no account should any soldier be killed during such an incident. Leaving the mountain in immense pace, Thunder Quaker called continuously from a neighboring peak to see if a certain man below--who was fleeing in great speeds atop his horse--was truly his father, the Grand Duke of the West. Riding to the peak and being told that he is none other than Thunder Quaker, the young child that was saved by his hands seven years in the past, Ji Chang told the former that on no account should any individual of Shang be hurt less his punishment becomes even greater than current. Ensuring his father that he will pursuade the generals to retire their pursuit, Thunder Quaker stood resolutely before the entire army shortly, declaring that not a single individual is to pass unless they wish for their own death. As the Shang soldiers reported such a case to Generals Yin and Lei, the latter two ragefully advanced towards Thunder Quaker's position.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • News of Ji Chang's escape; Fei Zhong's fear
  • General Yin and Lei sent out
  • Return of Cloud Dweller; Thunder Quaker sent out - weapon retrieval
  • Two large apricot view
  • The new physical form of Thunder Quaker
  • Presentation of the new weapon - the golden rod
  • Thunder Quaker sets out; the determination to protect Ji Chang