Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 22

Investiture of the Gods
Return of the Duke
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Return of the Duke". As Generals Yin and Lei thus appeared before Thunderquaker shortly, they charged fiercely at the latter while bursting into laughter at his attempt to protect Ji Chang through vaguely-connected bonds of filialty. Determined to end this incident quickly, Thunderquaker cleaved the crag of a neighboring mountain into two halves in a single strike with his golden cudgel -- thus sending the whole Shang army fleeing in great fear for their lives. Now returning to his father, who layed on the ground in shock, Thunderquaker urged Prince Wen to get on his back so that he could be transported safely to the Western Foothills without any additional delay. Weeping profusely over the void attempt to bring along the horse that has served him faithfully for over seven years of time, Ji Chang had little choice but to calmly tell the horse to run off to a new master while grabbing hold of his son's back and returning immediately to his native land. Arriving beyond the five passes shortly, Thunder Quaker left his father momentarily -- thus forcing Ji Chang to travel day and night on foot with great misery. As Prince Wen eventually approached an inn one day during his travels, he shortly elaborated his identity before being offered a flour grinding donkey from the innkeeper as a mount while personally escorting the former back to his capital. Crossing through the Golden Chicken Range and Mount Shouyang, breezes of late autumn soon filled the skies with great desolateness that touched Ji Chang's longful heart to return to his family of long ago. Tai Jiang, the mother of Ji Chang, soon realized through divination that her son was to return exceedingly soon -- and she thus told everyone present within the capital of such long-awaited news. As each minister rode from the capital with banners and great gifts of offering, they soon caught sight of Ji Chang and presented themselves before him in unparalleled happiness. With Supreme Minister San Yisheng thoroughly elaborating the historical records of King Tang and his revolution to overthrow the Xia Dynasty after being captivated for so many years, he compared this to the Grand Duke's incident and offered him a chance to do the same for the sake of the people. However, Prince Wen retorted by saying that such words shall never be spoken again -- for he could not do anything as disloyal as rebelling against the king after receiving such merciful honor from the former.

As everyone present became somewhat convinced by his speech, Prince Wen returned to the dukedom shortly with people cheering left and right in happiness at their master's safe return. Arriving before Mount Small Dragon and seeing his ninety-nine sons standing before him, Ji Chang fell from his horse with tears of agony upon the remembering of the one son that was not present: Bo Yi Kao. With the help of his sons, Ji Chang suddenly coughed up a large slice of meat that strangely turned into a small white rabbit; such was reciprocated two more times immediately with the same result. As everyone present sat in shock while the three rabbits ran to the west, they placed Ji Chang under the care of a doctor for several days to await his recovery. After the inn keeper was handsomely rewarded for his reported deeds before returning to his home, San Yisheng personally sat down before Prince Wen and stated that an attack upon Morning Song would be a rational choice considering the current circumstances -- dispite the loyalty that the prince may possess. With Nangong Kuo suddenly appearing before the prince while stating that an attack upon the capital as essential, Prince Wen reprimanded them both by declaring such an action as disloyal and without virtue to attack your own master dispite what qualities that they may possess. After Nangong exclaimed the death of Bo Yi Kao as a clear action of cruetly that is deserving of punishment no matter what the consequence may be, Prince Wen retorted by stating that such an incident was brought about through his son's pride and rashful qualities and isn't to be compared with the larger picture of loyalty. Either way, acting in such a sudden manner would not only stir up the people to make many sacrifices during such a war, but they will addtionally lose a level of love and confidence towards their master due to being forced into a situation that they most clearly will not enjoy -- for they love peace in all aspects. As both San Yisheng and Nangong Kuo clearly realized that the land should not be impoverished and provoked into war for the time being, Ji Chang sated that a "Spiritual Terrace" should be constructed in order to fortell any potential disaster within the future. Being afraid that the people will suffer through unnecessary trouble with such a project, San Yisheng reassured his master that the immense dignity and gratitude that the people possess will surely bring him swift victory without a thought of defiance. Prince Wen became delighted at his reassurance, and thus issued forth a decree on the terrace's construction.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • Thunder Quaker saves Ji Chang; five mountain transportation
  • Meeting with Shen Jie, the inn keeper
  • Long awaited arrival at Phoenix City
  • The great celebration; exertion of the three white rabbits (Bo Yi Kao's flesh)
  • Ji Chang established as King Wen
  • Production of the Inspiration Belvadere