Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 37

Investiture of the Gods
Jiang Ziya Visits Mount Kunlun
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Jiang Ziya Visits Mount Kunlun". As Nezha became determined to put an end to his vigorous enemy, the Universal Ring was used to break Zhang Guifang's arm and effectively send him fleeing. Reporting to Jiang Ziya that his innate celestial qualities saved him from any form of harm—and assisted in a grand victory at that—Zhang Guifang had meanwhile sent an urgent report to Grand Old Master, asking him for additional reinforcements for the front. Realizing that Guifang will try to obtain a far greater militia at his backing due to the unparalleled prowess that Nezha possesses, Jiang Ziya decided to head to Mount Kunlun to pay his master a visit after giving his traditional farewell to King Wu. Informing His Majesty earlier that he will be gone for around three days of time, Jiang Ziya arrived very shortly before Unicorn Mountain of Mount Kunlun, while gazing at the beauty that is still present despite his being gone for over a decade. Entering the Jade Emptiness Palace while prostrating himself before Master Heavenly Primogenitor, the latter offered fellow greetings to his disciple before ordering him to construct a Terrace of Creation upon Mount Western Foothills immediately—as it is his set destiny. Additionally stating that many men of talent shall appear before him once times of emergency present themselves, he dismissed Jiang Ziya, but carefully informed him to ignore any such voice that may call forth his name upon his return to the Western Foothills, less any disaster comes of it. Holding the "List of Creations" while taking his leave from Primogenitor, Jiang Ziya began to hear someone calling his name from behind; recalling his master's words with clarity, he refused to reply while continuing along the path to Unicorn Cliff. As the man became exceedingly angry over Jiang Ziya's rude behavior—for they had been friends for over forty years back at Mount Kunlun—Ziya turned his back to see Shen Gongbao before him. Expressing immediate retribution for his rudeness, and upon Shen Gongbao's inquiring as to which side the former is assisting, Jiang Ziya replied to his old friend that he is fully resolved to do away with the tryant ruler King Zhou, as Prime Minister of the Western Foothills. Believing King Zhou's manner of rulership as being for the greater good—due to the supreme military force at his backing through such disciplinary motives—Shen Gongbao became angry at Jiang Ziya's words—and thus declared to his old friend that King Wu will remain as nothing more than a mere laughing stock if he continues to oppose His Majesty with petty words of morality and virtue. Declaring that he will remain with King Wu eternally, dispite the former's words of hate, Shen Gongbao became determined to show Jiang Ziya not only his superior rationality, but his superiority in technique as well. Cutting the head from his body and tossing it into the air, Jiang Ziya gazed in amazement as it simply revolved many times in a single space while Gongbao's body still stood erect with full mobility. Possessing a natural hatred towards Shen Gongbao, and seeing such a chance as being very probable to end in his own intended way, Immortal of the South Pole ordered White Crane Lad to transform himself into a crane and seize Gongbao's revolving head while tossing it into the North Sea. Immediately performing his set instructions, Immortal of the South Pole meanwhile scolded Jiang Ziya for defying Primogenitor's words.

As Shen Gongbao ran about in great confusion as to why he was unable to retract his head whatsoever, Jiang Ziya earnestly pleaded to spare Gongbao's life—for he may be able to convince his old friend that King Wu is the dynasty's savior to negate any potential opposition within the future. Clicking his fingers to allow Gongbao's head to be freed, it immediately returned to its host's body at once. Knowing that he could have died if his head had not returned after three hours of time, Shen Gongbao left the mountain region with the declaration that he shall turn the Western Foothills into a sea of blood in short time. As Jiang Ziya had thus headed quickly to the East Sea while gazing forth at the immense beauty laid before his eyes, the sea suddenly erupted, signaling the arrival of a spirit that had wondered for over 1,000 years. Approaching Jiang Ziya from the skies and stating that he had been a reputed warrior under Emperor Xuanyuan who suffered death at this sea, and has been entrapped ever since, the former let loose a grand show of lightning to free the fallen warrior from his bonds. Kneeling forth in unparalleled gratitude, Jiang Ziya took his hand, while continuing towards the Western Foothills only to find the air being thrashed about with a sudden storm that raged onwards. As the four devils originally present within the Peony Pavilion approached Jiang Ziya from the skies with a fellow greeting, they were immediately ordered to assist in the construction of a "Terrace of Creation", while Bai Jian personally acts as supervisor of the work. Performing the construction with great resolve and keen skill, Jiang Ziya had meanwhile returned to Phoenix City, where he was met warmly by both General Wu Ji and Nezha. Being informed that no such attack was performed by Zhang Guifang throughout the interval of his departure, Jiang Ziya issued specific orders to his generals the following morning in preparation for a specialized night-raid. As Zhang Guifang stamped his feet impatiently at the confirmed backing of additional reinforcements from the capital, he suddenly began to hear the roaring of cannons and soldiers from within the gates of his camp -- and thus immediately rushed forth with Feng Lin by his side in full armor. Realizing that the Zhou forces had leaked in throughout every direction--for the sounds of clashing swords had been heard from right to left—Zhang Guifang became terrified at the brilliant glow of fire that emitted from Nezha as his soldiers were slaughtered like lowly animals. Knowing that the situation was hopeless without their reinforcements, Zhang Guifang and Feng Lin had little choice but to save their own lives by fleeing amongst the confusion to Mount Western Foothills with their remaining forces following. Smashing the ground with both fists at the sight of his pride being torn apart by such a ridiculous incident, Zhang Guifang ragefully wrote another urgent report for reinforcements at once. Holding a conference back at Capital Morning Song, Grand Old Master Wen Zhong was astonished to see an additional request for reinforcements obtained from Commander Zhang Guifang—and thus declared to all around that if victory is ever to be reality, he must personally set forth to the Western Foothills and show the enemy their place. Ji Li, who was very close to Wen Zhong and knew much of his past, informed the Grand Old Master that he should head to the Nine Dragon Island within the West Sea in order to obtain his four Taoist friends as potential backing in his stead. Clapping his hands in delight at such a suggestion, Wen Zhong made immediate preparations to head to the island and invite his old friends with a fellow toast of greeting.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • Baby Tooth's arrival at Mount Kunlun; discussion with Primordial Supreme
  • Register of the Investiture of the Gods received from God of South Pole
  • Discussion with Aggrandizing Bobcat; Bobcat's head replacement magic
  • Baby Tooth's refusal of alliance; Bobcat's sworn vow to destroy the Western Foothills
  • Arrival at the East Sea; the fallen voice of Cedar Precept
  • Cedar Precept's revival; the alter instruction
  • Baby Tooth's arrival at the Western Foothills; Meeting with King Wu
  • Grand Old Master sets out to Nine Dragon Island