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Naval Science

Top-level portal for class V: Naval Science

Subclass V: General naval science

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General naval science covers subjects common to all aspects of naval science, including history, customs, strategy, tactics and specific methods (such as coastal defence and submarine warfare).

Subclass VA: Navies

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Navies are fleets of waterborne military vessels that form the branch of a nation's armed forces principally designated for naval and amphibious warfare (such as on rivers, lakes, coasts, and oceans).

Child portals: Royal NavyUnited States Navy

Subclass VB: Naval administration

Naval administration covers the running of navies and their personnel; the latter by rank (including enlisted, warrant officers and officers) and special cases (including minorities and women).

Subclass VC: Naval maintenance

Naval maintenance covers maintenance, organisation, equipment, supplies, stores and provisions. This portal also includes Navy yards and stations.

Subclass VD: Naval seamen

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Naval seamen covers subjects about shipboard personel, including small arms and small boat service.

Subclass VE: Marines

Marines are members of an infantry force that specializes in naval operations such as amphibious assault.

Subclass VF: Naval ordnance

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Naval ordnance covers naval weapon systems as well as instructions, drills and target practice.

Subclass VG: Minor services of navies

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Minor services of navies covers subjects such as chaplains, coast guard, naval communication, naval aviation, medical service, public relations, war correspondents, and recreation.

Subclass VK: Navigation

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Navigation is the theory, practice and technology of charting a course for a ship (or other vehicle). This portal also covers related subjects such as lighthouses and shipwrecks.

Child portals: RMS TitanicShipwrecks

Subclass VKA: Merchant marine

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Merchant marine covers civilian merchant vessels that are registered in a country.

Subclass VM: Shipbuilding and naval architecture

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Shipbuilding and naval architecture covers the construction of ships and off-shore structures.

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