This page indexes person-specific portals. These portals should only be created for people who are not authors and therefore are not appropriate to be listed in the Author namespace. Any portals listed here that are discovered to be related to authors should be moved to the author namespace and converted to standard author pages. It is recommended that all portals here should use the {{person}} variant of the portal header to maintain consistency.

Person-specific portals filed under different subclasses of the Library of Congress Classification system may also be listed here. These may not be formatted in the manner suggested above. The subclass should be listed after the name and details of the portal.

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  • Joe Hooper (1938—1979), Medal of Honor recipient

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  • Yagan (c. 1795-1833), Australian Aboriginal warrior (History of Oceania)

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  • Zenobia (240–c. 274), Queen of the Palmyrene Empire (History of Italy)