Posthumous Memoirs of Talaat Pasha

Posthumous Memoirs  (1900) 
by Mehmed Talat Paşha

The following article is a translation of portions of a manuscript penned by Talaat Pasha, the Young Turk leader and former Grand Vizier of the Turkish Empire, after his flight from Constantinople and during his sojourn in Berlin, where he was carrying on a campaign of Turkish Nationalist intrigue when he was shot and killed by an Armenian student on March 15, 1921. After Talaat's death the manuscript passed into the possession of his wife, who remained in Germany; she has not yet published the whole of it, but after the acquittal of her husband's assassin she permitted the Paris correspondent of the Vakit, a liberal Turkish newspaper published in Constantinople, to reproduce the most interesting portions of it. These have been translated from the Turkish by Armenian M. Zekeria, a native of Constantinople. They represent about fifty pages of the original manuscript, the opening sentence of which, " I do not tell all the truth, but all I tell is truth," aroused a great sensation in Turkey.

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