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Suggestions for Collateral Reading


A. W. Pollard: A new Shakespeare quarto. The tragedy of King Richard II. Printed for the third time by Valentine Simmes in 1598. Reproduced in facsimile from the unique copy in the library of William Augustus White. 1916.

Annotated Editions

Richard II in the First Folio Edition, edited by Charlotte Porter. New York, 1910. One volume.

Richard II in the Arden Shakespeare, edited by C. H. Herford. Boston, 1895. One volume.


W. G. Boswell-Stone: Shakspere's Holinshed. The chronicle and the historical plays compared. 1896. [A valuable work in the form of excerpts from Holinshed in the order employed by Shakespeare; the complete and consecutive text of the chronicle pertaining to the reigns concerned may be read in: R. S. Wallace and Alma Hansen, Holinshed's chronicles, Richard II 1398–1400 and Henry V. Oxford, 1917.]

A. B. Grosart: The complete works of Samuel Daniel. In four volumes. Vol. II. The ciuile wars between the two houses of Lancaster and Yorke. 1595–1623. Printed for private circulation only. 1885.


S. T. Coleridge: Complete works, edited by W. G. T. Shedd. New York, 1871. Lectures on Shakespeare. Pp. 119–129.

W. Hazlitt: Collected works, edited by A. R. Waller and A. Glover. Twelve volumes. 1902. Vol. I. Characters of Shakespear's plays. Pp. 272–277.

A. C. Swinburne: Three plays of Shakespeare. 1909.

W. Pater: Appreciations, with an essay on style. New York, 1906. Pp. 192–212.

S. A. Brooke: On ten plays of Shakespeare. New York, 1905. Chapter III.

J. A. R. Marriott: Richard the redeless—the amateur in politics. Fortnightly Review, April, 1917. Vol. 107, pp. 683–698.