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Royal Naval Biography/Barrington, George

One of the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral.
[Post-Captain of 1826.]

Second son of George Viscount Barrington, D.D., Prebendary of Durham, and Rector of Sedgfield, by Elizabeth, second daughter of Robert Adair, Esq. and grand-daughter of William (second) Earl of Albemarle. He was born on the 20th of Nov. 1794; made a lieutenant May 16th, 1814; appointed to the Slaney sloop. Captain Charles Sotheby, Sept. 16th following; and to the Liverpool 50, Captain F. A. .Collier, June 8th, 1818; promoted to the rank of commander Dec. 7th, in the same year; and appointed to the Parthian sloop, Feb. 15th, 1823. His commission as captain bears date. Mar. 27th, 1820.

This officer married, in Jan. 1827, Caroline, third daughter of Earl Grey, on whose accession to office, in the year 1830, he was nominated a Lord of the Admiralty,

Agents.– Sir F. M. Ommanney and Son.