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A Deputy Lieutenant of the county of Southampton.
[Post-Captain of 1826.]

This officer, while serving as midshipman of the Volontaire frigate. Captain Charles Bullen, bore an active part at the capture and destruction of a French convoy in the Bay of Rosas; which brilliant service has been described in Suppl. Part III. p. 158 et seq. His first commission bears date Nov. 24th, 1810; and we subsequently find him a lieutenant of the Lion 64, bearing the flag of Vice-Admiral (now Sir Charles) Tyler, commander-in-chief on the Cape of Good Hope station. He obtained the rank of commander, June 15th, 1814; and was afterwards employed, in the Alert and Myrmidon sloops, on the Downs and African stations. His next appointment was. May 31st, 1824, to the Herald yacht, in which he conveyed the newly appointed Bishops of Barbadoes and Jamaica to their respective sees; and returned home from the Havannah, with upwards of a million of dollars on board, April 22d, 1825. His promotion to the rank of captain took place May 27th, 1826. Mrs. Leeke, to whom he was united Nov. 13th, 1818, is the second daughter of James Dashwood, of Parkhurst, co. Surrey, Esq.

Agent.– Messrs. Stillwell.