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Royal Naval Biography/Bourchier, Thomas

[Captain of 1827.]

Passed his examination in Mar. 1808; obtained his first commission on the 26th of Aug. following; and was a lieutenant of the Victorious 74, Captain (now Sir John) Talbot, at the close of the war in 1814. His subsequent appointments were, – April 29, 1815, to the Tenedos frigate, Captain Hyde Parker; and, Aug. 12, 1819, to be flag-lieutenant to Sir Thomas M. Hardy, on the South American station; where he was promoted to the command of the Beaver sloop, Sept. 9, 1822; removed into the Eclair, Oct. 21, 1823; and appointed Captain of the Menai 26, in Sept. 1827. He also appears to have commanded the Volage 28, for a short period, in the Pacific.

Agents.– Messrs, Maude & Co.