Royal Naval Biography/Brace, Francis

[Captain of 1827.]

We first find this officer serving as midshipman on board the Clyde frigate, Commodore (now Sir Edward W. C. R.) Owen; and afterwards under his uncle, Captain (now Rear-Admiral) Edward Brace, in the Berwick 74, of which ship he was appointed a lieutenant, on the Mediterranean station, Feb. 5, 1813. His subsequent appointments were, – Oct. 14, 1814, to the Menai 26, Captain W. O. Pell; – April 15, 1815, to the Pique frigate. Captain the Hon. A. Maitland; – July 16, 1816, to be flag-lieutenant to Commodore Sir Robert Hall, on the Lakes of Canada; – and, Sept. 15, 1817, to the Sybille 48, fitting out for the flag of Rear-Admiral Sir Home Popham, under whom he served in the West Indies, until promoted to the rank of Commander, Dec. 7, 1818. His commission as Captain bears date, Aug. 14, 1827; at which period he commanded the Gannet sloop, in the Mediterranean.

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